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Dr. Shu Yinbiao attended the opening ceremony of CIIE—met George Katrougkalos Alternate Minister for Foreign Affairs of Greece, and inspected the work for ensuring power supply for CIIE

Implementing the “Belt and Road” Initiative, actively promoting opening-up and cooperation

Release time: 2018-11-07        bigmeansmall

On 5th November, the first China International Import Expo (CIIE) was held in Shanghai. Dr. Shu Yinbiao, Chairman of State Grid and the Party Committee, was present at the Opening Ceremony where Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered his inspiring speech titled Work Together for an Open Global Economy That is Innovative and Inclusive. During the Expo, Dr. Shu Yinbiao met with George Katrougkalos, Alternate Minister for Foreign Affairs of Greece, and held in-depth discussions on enriching understanding, enhancing mutual trust and promoting concrete cooperation in the energy and power sector. Prior to the Opening Ceremony, Dr. Shu Yinbiao also inspected the power supply arrangements for CIIE and asked related departments to spare no efforts in ensuring power supply for CIIE. Han Jun, Executive Vice President of State Grid and Member of the Party Committee, and Zhang Zhigang, Executive Vice President of State Grid, attended the related activities as well.

During his meeting with George Katrougkalos, Dr. Shu Yinbiao introduced the latest achievements of State Grid in implementing the “Belt and Road” Initiative and building an innovation-driven enterprise. Furthermore, he expressed his gratitude to Greece for its strong and long-term support to State Grid. Dr. Shu Yinbiao stated that in 2016, State Grid acquired 24% of the shares of Greek IPTO. After the acquisition and with the joint efforts of both parties, IPTO performed well in all aspects, with significant improvement in operation, management and the quality of power services. The Crete power grid connection project is a project of strategic significance, as Crete Island is the largest island in Greece with independent power generation and supply systems. As the sole power transmission operator in Greece, IPTO has identified the grid connection as a key project in the 10-Year Development Plan from 2018 to 2027. As a shareholder and technical supporter of IPTO, State Grid will provide extensive technical support for the grid connection of Crete by utilizing its comprehensive advantages and broad spectrum of resources. At the same time, Greece has a rich reserve of renewable energy resources; therefore, State Grid will seek more investment opportunities in renewable energy-oriented sectors, with enhanced bilateral cooperation between the two countries.

George Katrougkalos thanked State Grid for enhancing ties between China and Greece in the power sector. He said that Greece regards China as an important strategic partner with huge potential for bilateral cooperation in multiple sectors. Situated at the border of Europe, Asia and Africa, Greece has prominent geographical advantages and has a huge potential for further development due to its abundant reserves of renewable energy resources such as wind and solar energy. At present, Greece is facing the challenge of economic restructuring and plans to vigorously develop power grid interconnection projects between islands. State Grid is welcome to actively participate in the energy infrastructure construction in Greece and expand bilateral cooperation in the energy and power sector. Stakeholders in Greece will provide a favorable environment for the cooperation between State Grid and Greek businesses.

Prior to the Opening Ceremony of CIIE, the delegation led by Dr. Shu Yinbiao visited the power supply frontline command center and the frontline support and protection base undertaking the task of ensuring power supply for CIIE, near the National Exhibition and Convention Center (Shanghai), and analyzed the report presented by State Grid Shanghai Electric Power Company. Dr. Shu Yinbiao encouraged relevant staff and mobilized the arrangements for the next stage, while also expressing his gratitude for the workers fighting on the frontline to secure the power supply and make CIIE a success.

Dr. Shu Yinbiao stressed that the hosting of CIIE is a major decision of the CPC Central Committee, and it is politically important to ensure safe and reliable power supply to CIIE. It is critical to carry out the task of securing power supply with the “Four Consciousness”, strong sense of political responsibility and absolute loyalty to the Party, so as to fulfill its commitment to the CPC Central Committee and the municipal government of Shanghai. Dr. Shu Yinbiao asserted that the Party Committee of State Grid attaches great importance to the work of securing power supply for the Expo, identified the principle of “securing power supply for East China as the priority of State Grid, securing power supply for Shanghai as the priority of East China grid, and securing power supply to CIIE as the priority of Shanghai grid”, set up the goal of “Six Zero and Three Guarantee”, and worked out concrete measures and plans for securing power supply. Dr. Shu Yinbiao required everyone to remain focused, ensure detection of all potential problems, and make an all-out effort to secure the power supply to the Expo with no scope for mistakes. 

Zhu Guangchao, Deputy Chief Engineer and Director General of the Department of International Cooperation of State Grid, Li Guisheng, Deputy Chief Engineer of State Grid and Director General of State Grid East China Branch, personnel in charge of related departments of State Grid and people in charge of State Grid Shanghai Electric Power Company, attended the activities as well.

Source: State Grid Administration Office, State Grid Strategic Research Office, State Grid Department of International Cooperation, State Grid News

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