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Clean Energy Makes Qinghai Cleaner

Release time: 2019-05-05        bigmeansmall

Qinghai is endowed with abundant wind, photovoltaic and water resources , making it possible to become a national demonstration province for clean energy consumption. According to the Bureau of Energy of Qinghai Province, last year Qinghai maintains its leading position in clean energy consumption rate in the country. Its non-fossil energy consumption maintained a proportion of 40%, which was far higher than the national average of 14%. It has also created a world record in 100% clean electricity consumption for 9 consecutive days (216 hours). In addition, the installed capacity of its integrated renewable energy (excluding hydropower) has exceeded 12.29 GW, surpassing its hydropower capacity for the first time. Installed capacity of centralized photovoltaic power stations reached 9.56 GW, ranking first in the country.

To address the difficulties in clean energy accommodation, transmission, peak load regulation, Qinghai helps renewable power generation companies make deals with large customers directly, increasing accommodation of clean energy. It also continues to expand the share of its clean energy in the electricity market of other provinces. Last year, its supply of clean electricity to other provinces reached 10 TWh, achieving the net power output for the first time. In addition, the full-year wind and photovoltaic curtailment ratio in Qinghai was lowered to less than 5%, leading the country on renewable energy accommodation. “With abundant wind and photovoltaic resources, Qinghai generates and transmits clean electricity over the air.” The clean electricity transmission line from Hainan of Qinghai to Zhumadian of Henan will be officially put into operation next year. And the ±1100 kV UHV DC transmission line from Haixi of Qinghai to East China will start construction soon.

China’s first trading contract for peak load regulation between energy storage stations and centralized photovoltaic power stations was signed in Xining, capital city of Qinghai. State Grid Qinghai Electric Power Company has made its first step establishing a market-based sharing model on energy storage via the Internet of Things. According to Zhang Jietan, general manager of Energy Big Data Center of the company, a data sharing network has been established based on this platform that allows the interaction between energy storage stations and power grids, thereby effectively alleviating the difficulties in clean energy accomodation.

Source: People’s Daily


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