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The International Social Media Accounts of State Grid are Officially Online Now

Release time: 2019-09-09        bigmeansmall

Tell the story of State Grid
Show the image of State Grid
Now, we have our own social media accounts
Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube
Four social media accounts are opened simultaneously!
You will see an "international style" of State Grid
My dear friends,come on and follow us !

★ This is us, at home and abroad★
"Becoming a world-class energy internet company with 3 functions and 2 networks" is our strategic goal
Our business area covers more than 88% of Chinese national territory
We supply power to over 1.1 billion population
We also owns and operates overseas assets in the Philippines, Brazil, Portugal, Australia, Italy, Greece and other countries and regions

★ What will be on our social media accounts ★
As is known to all,
The world of social media is colorful
Do you want to know the typical applications of Internet of things in Electricity?
Do you know the "golden name card" of State Grid in the world?
Do you want to see the amazing journey of UHV project through the Amazon rainforest?
All kinds of information about State Grid
Such as enterprise information, international investment, employee style, social responsibility...
Our official Facebook and Twitter accounts have everything you want to know, understand and want to participate

State Grid (@SGCCofficial)

State Grid (@SGCCofficial)

Follow us on Instagram
You can see intriguing stories about our company which are close to the lives of our users
We focus on employee growth, clean energy and cultural integration...
We are willing to fulfill the good wishes of "enterprise citizens"
Power Your Dream

State Grid (@sgcc_official)

Follow us on YouTube,
Through the perfect combination of sound and image
You will see more stereoscopic and diversified corporate image
A beautiful symphony wafts from the slums of Male
Intelligent inspection robot, new forms of energy service
Fully present in the international arena

State Grid

★ How to find us ★

Open the Facebook website or App|
Search for "State Grid" or "@SGCCofficial"
Click "Like"

Open Twitter website or App
Search for "State Grid" or "@SGCCofficial"
Click "Follow"

Open Instagram website or App
Search for "State Grid" or "@sgcc_official"
Click "Follow"

Open YouTube website or App
Search "State Grid" to find the official channel
Click 'Subscribe'

Haven't you been following us today?

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