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State Grid's First Country-Specific CSR Report Issued in Brazil

Release time: 2019-11-05        bigmeansmall

The Corporate Social Responsibility Report for State Grid Corporation of China (Brazil) was issued in Rio de Janeiro on October 17. This is the first country-specific CSR report State Grid issued in Brazil. The report detailed State Grid's footprints in Brazil and its efforts to fulfill social and environmental responsibilities, benefit the local population and create environmental and socio-economic values.

When running international businesses, State Grid has always adhered to the principles of extensive consultation, joint contribution and shared benefits, and adopted a long-term, market-oriented and localized approach. In the ten years since State Grid entered the Brazilian market, it has leveraged its technological strengths,, management expertise and brand value to support the green and sustainable development of the Brazilian power industry in the interest of local socioeconomic development. To date, State Grid has invested a total of approximately USD 12.5 billion in Brazil, accounting for over 60% of its foreign direct investment. State Grid provides power transmission and distribution services in 15 states in Brazil, including Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and the Federal District Brasília, ensuring safe operation of power grids.

State Grid Brazil Holding S.A. (SGBH) was incorporated in 2010. Currently, it operates over 15,000 kilometers of transmission lines, including two ±800 kV UHV DC transmission projects, namely Phase I and II of the Belo Monte UHV DC transmission project, which use state-of-the-art technologies and operate in the highest voltage in South America. The success of these high-profile projects set up a role model for China-Brazil cooperation in various fields. In 2017, State Grid successfully acquired CPFL Energia through State Grid Brazil Power Participações S.A. (SGBP). In 2018, CPFL Energia won prestigious awards, including the Latin America Telecom Awards, Best Brand Investment Value, etc.

Also, SGBH has sponsored and supported more than 450 public welfare programs, including the Rio Four Seasons Marathon, the São Paulo International Film Festival and conservation programs on Brazil’s intangible cultural heritage. These programs cover over 220 cities benefiting more than 110,000 people. SGBH also received The Best CSR Management Practice from United Nations Global Compact for its long-term sponsorship of the Maré do Amanhã Orchestra which trains teenagers from Maré slum to cultivate their musical talent.

More than 10 meadia attended the press conference. During the Q&A session, exchanged views on such topics as State Grid’s vision of investment in Brazil and corporate social responsibility.

Source: State Grid News



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