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State Grid Issues White Paper Titled Internet of Things in Electricity 2019

Release time: 2019-10-25        bigmeansmall

To enhance understanding of and participation in the Internet of Things in Electricity (IOTE), State Grid released a white paper titled Internet of Things in Electricity 2019 at a press conference in Beijing on October 14. According to the White Paper, leveraging its position as an energy hub, platform and community, State Grid will unite all parties to establish an energy ecosystem featuring inclusive development, shared governance and mutual benefit, jointly promoting the IOTE.

Early in 2019, guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in the New Era and thoroughly implementing the new energy development strategy of “Four Revolutions, One Cooperation”, State Grid creatively put forward its strategic goal to become a world-class energy internet company with  “Three Functions and Two Networks" to keep up with the integrated development trend of energy revolution and digital revolution. “Three-Functions” refers to an energy-transforming hub, value-creating platform and benefit-sharing community, which defines its development direction from perspectives of industrial, network and social attributes. “Two Networks” means Strong & Smart grid and IOTE which complement and integrate with each other, forming a power house of value-creating. Building IOTE is an initiative of the company to implement the national strategy of energy security, promote quality energy development, and modernize national governance capacity. It is the undertaking of the company upholding "power utility by the people and for the people" to meet the energy needs of economic and social development and the people's better life. It is an active practice of the company to integrate the real economy with the digital economy, upgrade industrial foundations and modernize industrial chains. It is also a choice of the company to enhance its anti-risk ability and ensure its long-term success.

It is indicated in the White Paper that the IOTE development will create a value system benefiting the government, the whole society, users, and enterprises along the industrial chain. IOTE is conducive to the modernization of national governance capacity, the scientific regulation of the government, the social governance and the building of smart cities. It can promote the energy transition towards a low-carbon future, improve clean energy consumption, increase the use of electricity by end-users, and optimize the comprehensive energy utilization. It can also enhance power grid operation quality and efficiency, and make the power grids more safe, reliable, friendly, interactive, open and mutual beneficial. Meanwhile, through the IOTE, people’s energy needs for a better life can be met, faster service responses achieved, and services more friendly and diversified. It can modernize industrial chains, build an energy ecosystem of win-win cooperation, and activate enterprises’ new development momentum to promote the transformation and upgrading of industry chains.

The White Paper explains IOTE’s background, objectives, development direction, significances, key technologies and standards innovation. It expounds the mutual-beneficial energy ecosystem brought by the IOTE, and interprets the development model and service contents for the seven aspects of such ecosystem, including distributed PV service, comprehensive energy efficiency service, EV service, energy e-commerce service, data commercialization service, on-line industry chain finance and electrical equipment service.

This year, State Grid has identified 57 construction tasks, 25 comprehensive demonstration projects and 160 expanding projects for IOTE, and made remarkable progresses. At present, phased progress has been made in such key projects as enterprise middle platform and smart Internet of Things, fruitful results yielded in quality and efficiency improvement works such as “Online State Grid”, marketing and operation data integration, mobile operation terminal integration. Breakthroughs were made in a variety of innovation pilot projects including new energy cloud, smart energy services, and multi-station integration. In addition, cyber security has been consolidated continuously.

Benefits of building IOTE have been seen in modernizing the national governance capacity and meeting people’s energy demands for a better life. State Grid is striving to enhance clean energy consumption and integration by means of holographic perception, intelligent analysis and accurate prediction for clean energy generation. From January to August this year, a total of 394.4TW of clean energy has been consumed in its service areas, an increase of 15.9% year-on-year. In terms of smart cities, based on the deep integration of power system with government administration, transportation and telecommunication, State Grid has established a city energy big data center, launched a variety of energy big data applications including industrial energy consumption analysis and industrial park activity analysis, and built a "City Smart Energy Brain" to improve the cities’ overall management and collaborative governance capabilities. The IOTE development has also promoted fast service responses. The “Online State Grid” has been put into operation in five provincial subsidiaries currently, which can give a comprehensive, one-stop response to people's various demands for energy consumption and provide full online handling of energy businesses for residents and enterprises, reducing on-site services in business halls as much as possible.

Information sources: State Grid IT Department, Department of Public Relations, State Grid News


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