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State Grid Offers EV Plug and Charge Solution with insensible payment

Release time: 2019-11-22        bigmeansmall

The State Grid Electric Vehicle Service Co., Ltd. joined four Chinese auto makers to release a service package for electric vehicles (EV) in Beijing on October 25, 2019. The package highlights the theme of “ubiquitous IOT, insensible payment, pioneering consumption pattern and go green”. It aims to provide a new customer experience in “Plug & Charge with Insensible Payment”. The four auto makers are the Beijing Automotive Group Co.,Ltd. (BAIC), the Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC) New Energy Co., Ltd. (GAC NE), the BYD Auto Industry Co., Ltd. and the Weltmeister Motor Technology Group Co., Ltd.

This year, State Grid’s EV service company initiated the R&D of the plug & charge solution to follow up on State Grid’s strategic goal of building a world-class energy internet company with “Three Functions and Two Networks”, and improve the charging experience for customers. It cut the charging procedure from five steps to only one to substantially raise efficiency and convenience. The technology has been applied to over 3,000 public charging stations of State Grid.

Based on this core technology, the charging solution is bundled with the purchase of new EV, a joint effort with the four auto makers. After EV purchase, customers can enjoy “Plug & Charge with Non-inductive Payment” on any of State’s Grid’s charging piles once they register their EV with the system. No human intervention is required throughout the charging once the charging connector is plugged into the charging inlet. Identification, charging activation and termination, and order settlement are totally automated. The ubiquitous interconnection and efficient interaction of EV, piles, grids and power is thus realized through this typical terminal of Internet of Things in Electricity (IOTE) championed by State Grid.

In six months, State Grid’s EV service arm is to make this solution available in business scenarios of public stations, special stations and private charging piles, accelerating the building of charging network in main cities. Meanwhile, it seeks to leverage the vehicle-to-grid technology and the power storage attribute of EV batteries to provide supporting services for the grid and alternative power supply for clients.

At present, State Grid has built and operated 90,000 charging piles among which 65,000 are high-power DC fast charging piles. The network of public fast-charging stations covers urban and rural areas as well as scenic spots. State Grid also built the world’s largest “10 vertical lines, 10 horizontal lines and 2 rings” expressway charging network. Thus EV owners can rest assured wherever they drive. In the future, the company will involve more social resources to expand the scale of charging piles and provide quality services for EV owners. It envisages that within a radius of up to 500 meters, charging stations can be found in main cities and the waiting time in one station will not exceed 30 minutes. Users of the plug & charge solution can enjoy smooth charging and driving in any of its service areas.

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