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Wufengshan Long-span Transmission Line Upgraded to Promote Yangtze Delta’s Integrated Development

Release time: 2019-12-30        bigmeansmall

With the last spacer installed, the upgrade project on the Wufengshan transmission line across the Yangtze River was concluded on December 3, 2019. This line connects the urban power grids of Yangzhou City and Zhenjiang City in Jiangsu Province, and its upgrade is expected to boost the integrated development of the Yangtze Delta.


Of a total length of 3.3km, 2.2km of the transmission line spans across the Yangtze River. The upgrade project built new large-span transmission towers of 161 meters tall and raised the elevation correspondingly. The height limit for unloaded vessels is raised from 37.46 meters to 53.96 meters, which allows two-way navigation of container ships each with 50,000 tons of deadweight.

With geographical constraints, power transmission across the Yangtze River used to hinder the integrated development of electricity in Jiangsu. The restructuring of the Wufengshan line aims to effectively enhance interconnectivity and complementarity of the power grids on both sides of the Yangtze River, and help utilize renewable energy from north of the Yangtze River.

It is expected that by the end of 2020, total installed capacity of renewable energy in Yangzhou on the north bank of the Yangtze River, will reach 3 GW, or 30% of Yangzhou's total installed capacity. To fully utilize such energy, it is necessary to build up integrated power grids as well as sound transmission channels to dispatch the energy to load centers in south Jiangsu Province. The “grand transmission channel” of Wufengshan serves as part of the solution.

The Wufengshan line adopts the extra strong aluminum-clad steel wire, three times as strong as ordinary lines. The transmission capacity is upgraded by over 5 times to 1,440 MVA,substantially boosting the north-to-south power transmission in Jiangsu. This also taps the potential for further consumption of renewable energy generated in north Jiangsu while alleviates power shortages in some parts in south Jiangsu.

As part of the earliest transmission projects across the Yangtze River, the Wufengshan project was first completed in September 1967. It was also among the earliest transmission corridors from Huainan to Shanghai, witnessing the power integration in the Yangtze Delta. However, as time goes by its original designs can hardly meet new demands for power transmission and waterway navigation.

The CPC Central Committee calls to facilitate the development of the Yangtze Economic Belt by promoting well-coordinated environmental conservation and avoiding excessive exploitation. Keeping this in mind, State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Company disassembled the original Wufengshan line in July 2018 and built higher towers at the original site for upgrade.

Sources: Xinhua News Agency, China Electric Power News, State Grid Jiangsu Electric Power Company

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