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"State Grid Online 2019" App Launched, Attracting 18.9 Million Registers

Release time: 2020-01-13        bigmeansmall

On December 12, the app of "State Grid Online 2019" was launched in major app stores, starting its service to customers of State Grid’s 27 provincial power companies. As of the same day, registered users have exceeded 18.9 million.

As the portal of State Grid's power supply service, "State Grid Online 2019" is fundamental and supportive to building the customer-side Internet of Things in Electricity (IOTE), aiming to connect customers, gather resources, integrate supply and demands, innovate business models and form industrial ecosystem.

The app has gradually become the first choice for customers to get electricity, pay bills, apply for repairs, and seek advice. The app’s daily active users have been up to 800 thousand, monthly active rate has maintained 50%, the number of online payments has totaled 5.65 million, transaction amount has reached 748 million yuan, and the number of online service received has exceeded 30,000 in a single day.

The "State Grid Online 2019" has integrated services on other apps or websites scattered across "State Grid Online", 95598.cn, esgcc.com.cn, netpay.95598pay.com, evehicle.cn, and PV Cloud Network. It addresses customer pain points, introduces new functions, and simplifies the process to get electricity. It has launched new services such as online cross-province multi-household bill payment, energy consumption analysis, and an online electrical applications retailer "Enjoy Family", and provided "all-in-one" PV and charging pile services. The app can explore data value in depth, integrate data from various resources, and realize multi-source data fusion. It has built data transmission channels between headquarters and provincial subsidiaries, achieving real-time sharing of operation KPIs, business details and customer behavior data. It has also set up enterprise middle platform to support the eight shared service centers in terms of customers, orders, work orders, payment, billing, reward points, messages, and online inquiries.

It is reported that "State Grid Online 2019" has opened its 18 middle platforms to enable some government service platforms to deal with electricity applications, introducing the service model to municipal administration. It has also launched some innovative and pilot community services such as "Rental Management" and "Exclusive Customer Manager", facilitating the contact between primary level employees and customers. It has completed the 95598 call center work order aggregation and the trial of business hall terminal, synchronized offline activities to the business middle platform, and promoted the utilization of both internal and social resources, providing customers with interactive and diversified comprehensive power services.

Source: State Grid News

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