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Nagqu Fully Connected to State Grid

Release time: 2020-01-22        bigmeansmall

Under State Grid’s poverty-alleviation scheme, power grids was constructed and put into operation in Nyima County, Nagqu City of Tibet on December 30, 2019. This means all regions of Nagqu City have been connected to State Grid service area.

Located on the plateau in northern Tibet, with an average altitude of over 4,500 meters, the county is in a harsh climate with an average annual temperature of minus 4 degrees Celsius. In the past, it only relied on a small hydropower station and PV generation for power supply which was strained during the winter. “Power shortages held back local socio-economic development,” explained Dargye Tsering, deputy head of Nyima County. “Nowadays, the successful connection with the Central-Tibet Grid improves the livelihood of farmers and herdsmen, and enables Nagqu to triumph over poverty.” In 2019, 850 million yuan was invested in the power grid projects for the deeply impoverished areas of Nyima County, which benefited the county town as well as townships of Sin'ya, Ombu, Dro'nyin, Drowa, Gyagok, Targo, Drongtsang and Kyungtsang through improved power supply to 20,000 people in 3,715 households.

The period available for construction was only three to four months due to the harsh climate in Nyima County. Nevertheless, the State Grid Tibet Electric Power Company overcame difficulties and took multiple measures to press ahead with the projects. Efforts paid off as technical breakthroughs were made and 12 technical problems were solved on the spot. The projects featured a high degree of mechanization with excavators, cranes and trucks to improve efficiency in 2,400 occasions. The taskforce formulated a safety control plan on winter construction to ensure orderly operation, and managed the projects by professional standards. They set up medical stations to offer mobile medical services and established an effective supply-demand mechanism, planned ahead for supplies, as well as adopted innovative  management mode to ensure everything could progress on schedule.

State Grid invests a sum of 11.864 billion yuan in power grid construction in Tibet’s deeply impoverished areas. The Project began in 2018 and is to be completed by the end of 2020. It will upgrade the safety and reliability of power supply to Tibetan farmers and herdsmen, and empower Tibet to achieve moderate prosperity in all respects.

Sources: State Grid Tibet Electric Power Company, State Grid News

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