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State Grid Launches 18.5-Billion-Yuan Shaanbei-Hubei UHV DC Project Promoting Construction to Stabilize Growth and Enhance Confidence

Release time: 2020-03-03        bigmeansmall

On February 28, State Grid held a meeting to kickoff the Shaanbei-Hubei±800kV UHV DC Project. Mao Weiming, Executive Chairman of State Grid attended the meeting. Liu Baohua, Deputy Director of the National Energy Administration (NEA), Liu Guozhong, Governor of Shaanxi Province, Zhao Gang, Vice Governor of Shaanxi Province, and Xin Baoan, President of State Grid were also in attendance. The meeting was presided over by Liu Zehong, Executive Vice President of State Grid.

At the construction site of Shaanbei converter station, the starting point of the project, a slogan of “Strictly Preventing and Controlling the Epidemic, Making all-out efforts to Promote Grid Construction” was very eye-catching. Flags of the CPC member teams were fluttering in the wind, construction machinery vehicles were parked in good order, and batches of workers were in high morale. At 10 am on the day at the main venue in State Grid headquarters, Mao Weiming announced the official start of the Shannbei-Hubei ±800kV UHV DC Project construction.

Accelerating major grid projects construction is a concrete action taken by State Grid to thoroughly study and implement the spirit conveyed in Chinese President Xi Jinping’s important speeches as well as to promote the epidemic prevention and control while serving economic and social development. It is also an important step to carry out decisions of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, thus fully recovering construction, boosting work resumption of the whole industry chain, and stabilizing investment, employment, and expectations.

As a key power project under the nation’s 13th Five-Year Plan, the Shaanbei-Hubei project is of crucial importance to western China development and central China’s rise. It will serve as the “cornerstone” and “propeller” and contribute to battles against the epidemic in Wuhan and Hubei, shoring up confidence in economic and social development. With a total investment of 18.5 billion yuan, the project starts in Yulin, Shaanxi Province and ends in Wuhan, Hubei Province, with the total length of 1,137 kilometers and rated transmission capacity 8GW. It is planned to become operational in 2021. The project will drive 12 billion yuan equipment production, create 40,000 jobs, and boost 70 billion yuan investment into related industries. Once completed, the project will transmit 40TWh of electricity to Hubei Province each year, which will meet medium- and long-term power demand in Hubei Province and central China, improve power grid security and cut the cost of energy. At the same time, it will promote the intensive development of northern Shaanxi energy bases, the large-scale outward power delivery, and the efficient use of energy resources, thus transforming resource advantages into economic advantages and improving the integrated development between regions.

In his speech, Liu Guozhong pointed out that the construction of Shaanbei-Hubei project embodies State Grid’s concrete efforts to implement a new development concept and promote the epidemic prevention and control while serving economic and social development. The project will effectively improve the coal-to-electricity conversion capacity, and inject new impetus into less developed areas of northern Shaanxi in their pursuit of building a moderately prosperous society in all respects and winning the battle against poverty. Shaanxi Province will take solid steps to serve the project, create good environment, and properly coordinate the construction of relevant power generation projects.

On behalf of NEA, Liu Baohua congratulated State Grid for the kickoff and said that the project is of great significance to strengthening areas of weakness in infrastructure, and the fight against poverty in west China and air pollution in central China. He also expressed the hope to see the project completed with high quality and standards. State Grid should prevent and control the epidemic while promote grid projects construction, making projects play a greater role in maintaining stable growth, adjusting economic structure, and improving living standards of the people.

Xin Baoan suggested that State Grid will go all out in its role as a responsible state-owned enterprise. The project will be an excellent environment-friendly one with concrete reliability, independent innovation, reasonable cost, and world-class quality. All participating entities and workers must on the one hand prevent and control the epidemic and on the other ensure that the project will be completed and put into operation on schedule.

The meeting was held via video conferencing with its main venue in the State Grid headquarters and sub-venues in State Grid Shaanxi Electric Power Company, State Grid Hubei Electric Power Company, and at the construction site of Shaanbei converter station. Heads of relevant departments of the NEA, Shaanxi Provincial Government and Yulin Municipal Government, relevant vice presidents, chief executives, heads of relevant departments of State Grid, and representatives from construction-participating entities were also in attendance.

Sources: Administration Office, Strategic Research Office, Department of UHV Transmission Projects, Department of Public Relations, State Grid News


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