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Guide for Electricity Customers Compliled by State Grid Hebei Released to Support A Green Xiong’an

Release time: 2020-03-20        bigmeansmall

On March 10, Xu Jun, the person-in-charge of Yingjia Apartments in the Xiong’an New Area, checked daily electricity consumption of the apartments through an app of smart energy management and control system. With two modes of “at home” and “being out”, the system is able to monitor all electrical appliances in real time. “Thanks to the system, electrical safety in apartments has been improved significantly and electricity bills have been reduced by almost one third”, praised Xu Jun. This is one example of smart energy service in the Xiong’an New Area provided by State Grid Hebei Electric Power Company.

In order to secure reliable, efficient and smart power supply with high quality, State Grid Hebei Electric Power Company compiled the Guide for Electricity Customers in the Xiong’an New Area (Trial) (hereinafter referred to as the “Guide”). It was recently released upon approval of local reform and development bureau. The guide is the first technical standard in the Xiong’an New Area compiled by an enterprise and released in the name of local government, and set a model to the coordinated and integrated development of power grid, power consumers, power infrastructure and the locality.

The master plan for Xiong’an New Area adopts an energy development strategy of safe, green and efficiency, and aims to establish a robust power supply system with reliability rating of 99.999%. Entrusted by local government and guided by State Grid headquarters, Hebei Electric Power Company followed the master plan and The 2018-2035 Comprehensive Plan for Xiong’an New Area, pooled technical talents within and out of State Grid, absorbed advanced domestic and international experiences in power grid management, and compiled the Guide which is of close continuity with existing energy plans. The Guide was considered of high quality and approved by local government.

As the technical standards of power infrastructure planning for the city of the future, the Guide stipulates the engineering design, construction, operation, and management for power projects from 0.4kV to 220kV in the Xiong’an New Area, providing much-needed standards for Xiong’an in power connection, equipment management, project construction and electricity consumption management.

The Guide proposes the concept of sharing urban spatial resources. Based on development plans for Xiong’an New Area, it standardizes and optimizes the coordination of power infrastructure and urban space, which will promote the integration of power infrastructure into urban construction, intensive management of social resources, and the city’s environment-friendly development.

The Guide provides standards for the interaction and integration of power grids and customers in the future. According to long-term plans for Xiong’an New Area and for the purpose of building Xiong’an into a digital city, it proposes solutions to low-voltage DC, smart energy management, etc., and defines service standards, developing new ways to building energy systems for the city of the future.

Moreover, the Guide provides practical guidance for customer side consumption management and tailored solutions to high-quality energy consumption. It also includes suggestions to the application of such new technologies as low-voltage DC system, orderly EV charging, and integrated metering, making it a valuable demonstration of future urban development.

As an important standard for Xiong’an’s planning and development as well as a guidance for power infrastructure construction, operation and management, the Guide, together with the Technical Guidance for Urban Planning in Xiong’an New Area (Electricity), constitutes a standards system for securing power supply at all voltage levels. It is a major step taken by State Grid Hebei Electric Power Company to put advanced concepts and technologies into practice in serving the development of Xiong’an. With these efforts, Xiong’an is now equipped with a full set of standards to build a modern and future-oriented energy system that is green, low-carbon, safe, efficient, smart and friendly. It fully demonstrates State Grid’s undertaking and technical strengths in serving local development.

Guided by State Grid headquarters and Hebei Provincial Government, Hebei Electric Power Company will focus on project schedule, quality, innovation and value, vigorously promote grid planning and construction, and make grid projects in Xiong’an models of high quality development.

Sources: Department of Public Relations, State Grid Hebei Electric Power Company


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