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  • State Grid at 2019 Smart China Expo

    The 2019 Smart China Expo was held in Chongqing. State Grid made a splendid apperance at the S6 hall of the Chongqing International Expo Center, displaying achievements it has made in building a world-class enterprise. Such a presentation won wide praise from the public.

    Release time:2019-09-16

  • State Grid Fully Implement Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement to Serve “Five Modernization Goals of Tianjin”

    The launching ceremony for the action plan of the strategic cooperation framework agreement (hereinafter referred to as “the Agreement”) between Tianjin Municipal People’s Government and Sate Grid was held in Tianjin on August 29.

    Release time:2019-09-13

  • ​​Providing Better Comprehensive Energy Services by Internet of Things in Electricity

    ​Facing the new round of energy technology revolution, information and communication technology revolution, as well as industrial integration, State Grid has issued the Comprehensive Energy Service Business Development Action Plan 2019-2020 with the aim to achieve the goal of becoming a world class energy internet company with “three functions and two networks” and to accelerate the development of Internet of Things in Electricity. According to the action plan, it will build an open and cooperative energy service platform to achieve win-win results, develop comprehensive energy efficiency services, multi-energy services for cooling, heating and power supply, distributed clean energy services, tailored electric vehicle services and other businesses, and complete 22 R&D projects on key technological equipment and 20 key demonstration projects, to promote comprehensive energy services and inject new driver for economic and social development.

    Release time:2019-09-02

  • Brazil Belo Monte Phase II UHV DC Transmission Project Achieves Substantial Breakthrough

    At 0:00 local time in Brazil on August 23, 2019, the Belo Monte Phase II UHV DC Transmission Project invested, constructed and to be operated by State Grid, successfully completed system commissioning, and testing on rated load and the 1.33 times overload. The system ran smoothly and equipment operation was normal, marking a substantial breakthrough.

    Release time:2019-08-27

  • State Grid Enters into the Top 100 Non-Financial Multinational Enterprises

    Theworld's top 100 non-financial multinational enterprises (MNEs) of the year was released with the World Investment Report 2019 by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) recently.State Grid ranks the 62nd therein, entering into such list for the first time. The list has been published continuously since 1992, ranked byforeign assets of companies in the previous fiscal year.

    Release time:2019-08-22

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