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UHV refers to +1000kV and ±800kV power transmission. The technology enables large-capacity, long-distant power transmission with high efficiency and less line loss. Since 2004, State Grid has achieved breakthrough in UHV theory, technology, standard, equipment, project construction and operation in collaboration with all sides, mastered UHV power transmission technology with independent intellectual property rights and promoted Chinese UHV technology and equipment to go global, realizing “created in China” and “led by China”. By the end of 2017, “8 AC and 10 DC” UHV power transmission projects have been built and “3 AC and 1 DC” UHV transmission projects are under construction, with a total line length of 32,000 km and a converting capacity of more than 320 GVA(320 GW). UHV AC and UHV DC won Special Prize of National Award for S&T Progress in 2012 and 2017 respectively. UHV power transmission channels have transmitted more than 900 Tw of power, playing an important role in securing power supply, promoting the development of clean energy, improving the environment and making power grids safer.UHV projects: