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Philippine Daily Inquirer:NGCP and SGCC brighten up the day for elementary students

Release time: 2019-05-21        bigmeansmall

Michelle Ann Beltran, school head of the Baliwet Elementary School in Sta. Fe, San Marcelino, Zambales, gratefully received new books and school supplies for her students for the incoming school year which begins in June.

On March 31, nearly 30 NGCP and SGCC employees and their children distributed sixty-five (65) school bags containing notebooks, pencil cases, colored pencils, a story book, and English learning materials to Teacher Michell Ann’s students. The students and their parents were also given t-shirts, umbrellas, blankets, towels, slippers, and mosquito repellents. The Department of Health recently announced that mosquito borne diseases are becoming rampant in North Luzon, making the mosquito repellent a welcome addition to the care package distributed. “

We came here to brighten up even just one day in the lives of these students and teachers. Things we usually take for granted, such as complete school supplies for our children, are a luxury for others. We hope that our small contribution today will help these kids learn better and help give them better opportunities,” a parent from NGCP said. “We are happy that NGCP and SGCC came to distribute supplies. I am happy that my slippers are now brand new,’’ added a student.

SGCC and NGCP parents and children also provided a day of fun and games to Baliwet students and their parents. Parlor games, prizes and an abundance of food helped fill the afternoon with joy. “Fried chicken is a special treat for everyone, especially children. We wanted them to feel blessed, so we made sure to bring more than enough for everyone to share and have their fill,” an NGCP parent said.

The gift-giving is part of NGCP and SGCC’s commitment to give back to less fortunate communities as part of their social responsibility efforts across the country.

 Source:  Philippine Daily Inquirer


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