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  • Xinhua:Xinjiang to further upgrade rural power network

    Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region plans to invest 7.5 billion yuan (about $1.05 billion) to upgrade the power network in its rural areas this year, in a bid to enhance poverty alleviation in the region, local authorities said Wednesday.

    Release time:2020-03-27

  • China Daily:Measures planned to minimize impact of epidemic

    China will invest more to upgrade the country's infrastructure projects in such fields as charging piles, ultra-high-voltage grids and intercity transit systems, with a firm goal of sustaining economic growth amid the novel coronavirus epidemic.

    Release time:2020-03-26

  • CGTN:200 e-mails recounting Chinese COVID-19 outbreak stories

    Tong Chong, an expert in international lightning protection, says it has become a habit for him to use email and video chat to share stories of the Chinese battle against COVID-19 with his colleagues around the world every day after 11 PM.

    Release time:2020-03-09

  • CGTN:Chinese Embassy in Kenya intensifies preventative measures

    As the world intensifies its efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus, the Chinese Embassy here in Kenya has issued a directive to its staff and all Chinese companies, stating that anyone arriving from China must exercise self-isolation for two weeks and adhere to a strict health examination.

    Release time:2020-03-05

  • China Daily:Power grid project linking Shaanxi, Hubei underway

    The State Grid Corp of China started construction of its 800-kilovolt, ultrahigh-voltage direct current transmission linking China's Shaanxi and Hubei provinces, in the Northwest and Central regions of the country on Friday.

    Release time:2020-03-05

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