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    To Establish a Unified Brand of "State Grid"

To integrate the internal resources to a unified brand of “State Grid” , SGCC reflects its achievement in the aspects of conglomerate operation, consolidated development and streamlined management. As a direct reflection of the quality of work the brand “State Grid” will be widely popularized and the customers service system 95598 will be continuously completed.

    To Improve the Regular Mechanism of Quality Services

SGCC announced the “10 Prohibitions on Providing Services”, “Dispatching Principle and 10 Measures” and “10 Promises on Power Supply Service” to the public, optimized service procedures, improved service standard, standardized service conduct, intensified supervision and examination, completed regular mechanism for quality service. In 2005, the commitment fulfillments ratio of SGCC reached 99.95%.

    Accept Supervisions from the Government and Society

    SGCC will stick to dispatching principle of" open, fair and just", comply with     Regulations on Electricity Regulation, implement conduct code, intensify dispatching     information announcement and negotiations, accept the social supervision     conscientiously.

    10 Promises on Power Supply Service

    Urban area: The power supply reliability rate shall be no less than 99.90% and the     voltage qualification rate shall be 96% on residential side; Rural areas: The promised     power supply reliability rate and the voltage qualification rate on residential consumer     side shall be publicized by the related provincial-level electric power companies after     SGCC's verification and approval.

    Power supply business centers are responsible for information disclosure on      electricity tariff, charge standards and service procedures.

    Response time on power supply request: For the residential consumers, no more      than 3 workdays, for low-voltage power consumers, no more than 7 workdays, for      high-voltage single supply consumers, no more than 15 workdays and for highvoltage
 double supply consumers, no more than 30 workdays.

    When residential consumers apply for electricity consumptions to the power supply      companies, electricity will be supplied within 3 workdays after the power-receiving      devices are examined as up-to-standard and relevant formalities are completed.

    When the non-residential consumers apply for electricity consumptions to the power      supply companies, electricity will be supplied within 5 workdays after power-receiving      facility is verified as up-to-standard and relevant formalities are completed.

    If power supply is insufficient and continuous power supply cannot be guaranteed,      strictly execute the rationing sequence approved by the government.

    If the power supply equipment is scheduled to be interrupted for maintenance, the     notification should be publicized to society 7 days prior to maintenance.

    Offer round-the-clock repair services of electric power failure and the repairing staff      shall arrive at the site within 45 minutes for the urban area, 90 minutes for rural area      and 2 hours for remote areas.

    If customers owe electricity fees, the necessary power interruption measures shall be      taken in compliance with the laws and regulations, in this case, notification of      interruption shall be delivered to the defaulted customers 7 days prior to power      interruption.

    Service hotline-95598 is available 24 hours a day, for business consultation,      information inquiry, service complaint and power failure repair etc.


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