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Jiangxi Hong Ping Pumped Storage Power Station to Be Constructed
Publication Date:2010-06-07      click:

The motivation meeting for the construction of Jiangxi Hong Ping pumped storage power station was held in Jiangxi Province on the 6th of June 2010, which signified the construction of the first large-scale pumped storage power station in Jiangxi Province.

The pumped storage power station, bearing the tasks of peak shaving, valley filling, frequency modulation, phase modulation and accident reserve, is an important component of the strong and smart power grid. The total installed capacity of the station is 2400MW, with an investment of about 5 billion Yuan. Approved by the National Development and Reform Commission in March 2010, the project was planned in the first phase to install the capacity of 1200MW. Grid construction can benefit the economic development of Jiangxi Province and meet the needs of the fast-growing power, optimize the power structure, satisfy the increasing peak load of the power grid. What's more, it is helpful for power grid's operation security and stabilization, reducing the system operating costs, improving the power grid economy and ecological and environmental protection.

As of 2009, the pumped storage power plant, with the installed capacity of 14.545 GW, was accounted for only 1.66% of the total installed capacity. In order to match the rapid development of the nuclear power, wind power, solar, and other renewable energy, SGCC is going to accelerate the construction of the auxiliary pumped storage power station, planning to reach 21 GW by 2015, and 41GWby 2020.

Source: International Liaison Department, State Grid News

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