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UHV AC Demonstration Project Won China Power Quality Project Award and the First Prize for Excellent Engineering Design in Power Industry
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Recently, 1000kV Southeast Shanxi- Nanyang-Jingmen UHV AC demonstration project has won China Power Quality Project Award for the year of 2010, and the first prize for the Excellent Engineering Design in power industry for the year of 2009.

This project is currently the highest voltage and the most advanced technological level in operation in the world, with fully independent intellectual property rights owned by China. The whole line with the length 640 km has power transmission capacity of 6 million kVA. The project was approved in August, 2006, and the construction got started up in the end of the same year. Dec 30th, 2008, the trial operation of system was completed after commissioning , and it was put into commercial operation on Jan 6th, 2009.

As the project has been putting into operation, it achieves, under the stable operation with the devices in normal status, the two-way, full-voltage, large capacity, low loss transmission, being through the peak load of summer and winter, withstanding the conditions of thunderstorms, strong winds, high temperatures, cold and all kinds of operation manners as well. As of May 31st, 2010, this project has transmitted the power 14 twh, playing an important role of transmission and networking. The operating stabilization, further validating the technical feasibility, equipment reliability, system safety and environmental friendliness in the UHV transmission, is important for national energy security and the reliable supply of electricity, and also laid a solid foundation of speeding up the construction of the strong and smart grid backboned by UHV power grid.

Sources of information: UHV Department , Infrastructure Department

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