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SGCC Pilot Project of FTTH Started in Shenyang
Publication Date:2010-07-10      click:

On June 3rd 2010, the groundbreaking ceremony of "Shenyang's power FTTH pilot project" was held in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, which marked the launch of the pilot project of power FTTH, and this project came into the substantial stage of operation in Shenyang.

"Shenyang's power FTTH pilot project"is to use the optical fiber composite low-voltage cable in the low-voltage communication access network, laying the optical fiber with low-voltage power line, approaching every meter for every household, working together with the passive optical network technology, carrying the information collection, two-way interaction of intelligent electricity usage, "triple play bundling" and other business, achieving the functions of remote collection of information from power meter, water meter and gas meter, of the analysis and control of household intelligent electricity consumption, of the applications of the solar power, wind power and other green energy, and of the information interaction among the end users, the communities and the 95598 system. Power FTTH solves the access problem at the end of the information superhighway, meets the needs of information, automation and interaction in the process of smart grid consumption, and achieves, with provision of power, telecommunication network, radio network, and Internet integrated as one network, providing the users with more convenient and modern way of life. Power FTTH can help achieve working and sharing together of network infrastructure, significantly reduce the "triple play bundling" implementation costs, and improve the integrated operational efficiency of the network. With the obvious advantages in energy-saving and environmental protection, Power FTTH is not only the important mean of constructing the energy-saving society, but also the efficient way to improve the level of information society.

The pilot project of power FTTH is in the second batch of the company's strong and smart grid projects. The company is planning to construct this pilot project in 20 cities distributed in 14 provincial power companies, which will cover 47000 users. The department of smart grid will work together with provincial power companies and technical support company units, summoning professionals and making careful arrangements, and effectively promoting the construction. Currently the pilot project is in the smooth process, and 14 preparations of enterprise standard, specification, and report, have been carried out, and the selection of communities is completed in 10 provincial power companies

Sources of information: Department of Public Relations, State Grid Liaoning Electric Power Company

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