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"Smart Grid Technology" and "Knowledge of Smart Grid" published in Beijing
Publication Date:2010-08-07      click:

On June 18th, "Smart Grid Technology " and "Knowledge of Smart Grid", edited by Liu Zhenya, President of SGCC, were published in Beijing and they were the first of their kind to systematically introduce the achievement of smart grid construction in China. These two books comprehensively introduce process of the smart grid's development, systematically explain the concept of smart grid systems, key technologies and research areas, sum up China's achievements and practical experiences in the field of smart grid technology, and provide a useful reference for future construction of smart grid.

Nowadays, there is a great change in the world energy structure, and a new round of energy revolution has come into being. As the important part of energy provision, power grid is essential to the development of clean energy. SGCC is speeding up the construction of strong and smart grid, which is backboned by UHV grid, developing with all levels of grid, and featured by information, automation, and interaction, gaining global recognition and appreciation. China is becoming the world leader of the theory and practice in smart grid.  

With the implementation of smart grid construction, there is an urgent need of knowledge-oriented, and technology- oriented monograph to systematically introduce the smart grid. "Smart grid technology" and "Knowledge of Smart Grid",edited by the experts from SGCC, satisfy the needs of the power industry and  of the readers from communities. "Smart grid technology" systematically explained the basic technology of the smart grid, research and applications, technical standard system and project practice, and it excels, in the aspects of technical accuracy, coverage, and depth of content, all similar books in the market; "Knowledge of Smart Grid" introduced the knowledge of the smart power grid with plain language and pictures, and it also filled the gap of the science books about the smart grid.       

Source: Department of Public Relations, State Grid News

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