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Xiangjiaba-Shanghai +/-800 kV UHV DC Transmission Pilot Project in Operation
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Xiangjiaba-Shanghai +/-800 kV UHV DC Transmission Demonstration Project was put into operation on July 8,2010. This project is the world's most advanced UHV DC transmission project with the highest capacity, longest transmission distance lines, most-advanced technology and highest voltage. This project, domestically researched, developed, designed and constructed, represented the highest level of the DC transmission technology in the world. It's a world-class innovative achievement made by China in the field of energy.

This pilot project has initially achieved the increase in both DC voltage and current. It has also made a breakthrough in transmission capacity and distance. Its operation signified the full access into the era of UHV AC and DC hybrid power grid in China.

The 1907-kilometer long transmission line starts from Fulong station in Yibin, Sichuan and ends at Fengxian, Shanghai. Crossing Yangtze River four times, the line passes through Sichuan, Chongqing, Hubei, Hunan, Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, and Shanghai. The rated voltage in the project is +/-800 kV, and the transmission capacity reaches 7000 MW million kilowatts. After putting into operation, it will provide 32TWh clean energy for Shanghai. The maximum transmission power will account for about one-third of Shanghai's peak load, saving 15 million tons'raw coal and reducing carbon dioxide emission by over 30 million tons.

The UHV DC transmission demonstration project has its significance in four aspects. First, It is a supporting project of the new around of energy innovation and reform in China. The project signifies the overall breakthrough made by SGCC in ultra-long-distance and super-large-scale transmission technology. It has laid a solid foundation for accelerating China's large-scale clean energy development, increasing the proportion of China's non-fossil energy sources, forming the sustainable energy supply system, and coping with the climate change challenge.

Second, it is a crucial project for changing the development mode of China's power industry. SGCC has gained full access to the era of the UHV AC & DC power grid. The project will promote the transform from local power allocation balance to a national or even greater level, completing solving the long existing problem of coal power shortage once and for all.

Third, it is a demonstration project of how power industry serves innovation-driven national construction. China has overcome global difficulties in UHV AC & DC, seizing a high round in these two fields, leading other countries in theory, project construction, operation management, test capacity standard formulation. It has laid a solid foundation for China to transform from a country with great power capacity to one equipped with advanced technology.

Finally, it is a leading project for revitalizing national equipment industry. China is capable of producing and assembling the whole set of key UHV DC & AC equipments, which significantly improves the independent innovation capability and the competitive edge of China's power equipment manufacturing. It has created favorable conditions to upgrade the manufacture industry.

Source: the State Grid News

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