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"National Power Grid Foundation for Public Welfare"Formally Approved
Publication Date:2010-09-07      click:

The Power Grid Foundation for Public Welfare was officially renamed as "SGCC Foundation for Public Welfare" with the approval from the Ministry of Civil Affairs. This foundation, with a registered initial fund of 100 million Yuan, was a non-profit social welfare organization established in March 2009 by SGCC with independent legal entity. It was the first non-public offering foundation in China's power industry. The mission is to actively fulfill social responsibility, dedicate affectionate love, support social welfare, and promote harmonious development of the society.

The official approval signifies that SGCC's commonwealth undertaking is more conglomerate and professional, playing an important role for SGCC's brand building.

As an important component of SGCC's brand development strategy, the foundation will study the development of public welfare in depth,fully integrate public resources at all levels of the company, so as to serve as a conglomerated operating platform for the company's public welfare. With strengthened the study of company's commonwealth strategy, the foundation has planned to set up a medium-and long-term program, determine the objectives, priorities and specific measures in the next 3 to 5 years, in order to cast company's first-class public welfare brand.

Statistics show that 470 public welfare activities were carried out in 2009 by SGCC and employee volunteers were over 620 thousand person-times. This year, donation from SGCC's departments and staffs reached 66.57 million Yuan for the drought disaster in south and Southwestern China and Yushu earthquake in Qinghai Province. The overall capacity and level of the company's participation in public undertakings is crucial to implementing the branding strategy and enhancing the company's soft power.

Source:  News Center

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