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Qinghai-Tibet 750 kV /+/-400 kV AC and DC Grid Interconnection Commenced
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Qinghai-Tibet 750 kV / +/-400 kV AC and DC Grid Interconnection began construction on July 29th, 2010 after 5 years'preparation. This signified another important step forward to the implementation of china's western development strategy and the improvement of western power grid infrastructure.

The member of the Political Bureau Standing Committee of the CPC Central Committee and Vice Premier Li Keqiang sent a message to congratulate the commencement of the project. Li Keqiang fully approved the great significance of that project, and asked the relevant parties to work hard together with all efforts to ensure the construction and management of this popular project and soon put it into use.

Qinghai-Tibet grid Interconnection project consists of Xining-Riyue Mountain-Uran-Golmud 750kV AC transmission line, Golmud - Lhasa +/-400 kV DC transmission project and the relevant supporting projects, with a total investment of 16.286 billion Yuan. It is planned to be put into operation in 2012.

Qinghai-Tibet grid Interconnection project is a transmission project, so far in the world, with the highest in elevation and the largest construction in alpine region. It is the key project to meet the power demand of Qaidam's circular economy research area in Qinghai, to serve Qinghai's economic and social development, and to solve Tibet's power shortage. Through this project, Tibet grid will be interconnected to the northwest grid. Thus, SGCC will achieve, for the first time, the integration of all provinces in the service area, further improve the ability to optimize the large Grid resource allocation, and help western region change resources advantages into economic advantages to achieve better and faster development.

It is reported that, in Qinghai-Tibet grid Interconnection, 750 kV AC transmission line project will build 750 kV Xining substation (by expansion), Riyue Mountain substation, Uran switching station, Golmud substation and 736.2 km Double Circuit Line. Whereas, +/-400 kV DC transmission project will build Golmud, Lhasa converter stations and 1038 km line with current and forward transmission power of 600MW and1200MW respectively. In this project, the highest elevation is 5300m, and 87% of the construction area is above 4000m. The complex construction environment makes the construction extremely difficult.

Source:  State Grid News

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