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+/-660kV Ningdong - Shandong DC Line Project Construction in Completion
Publication Date:2010-09-27      click:

+/-660kV Ningdong - Shandong DC line project construction for three tenders in Shaanxi was completed  on August 27 2010. so far, the construction of the whole project has come to completion.

Since the construction in August 2009, the conductor construction has been completed by overcoming many problems, such as 1000mm2 large cross-section conductors construction and complex external environment.                    

Cross-regional grid of SGCC is managed by the headquarter's overall coordination with localization and specialization. This project is constructed by Liaoning, Shaanxi, Shanxi, Hebei and Shandong Electric Power Companies. These provincial companies brought their local advantages into full play, strengthening the communication and the coordination with the local government, creating a favorable external environment for the construction, and ensuring the smooth operation. China Electric Power Research Institute, Northwest Electric Power Engineering Institute have also contributed their technological advantages, actively carrying out technological innovation, achieving outstanding results in the key technology of 1000mm2 large cross-section conductors and the development of composite pole and tower. The completion of Ningdong DC line signified SGCC obtained periodical achievement in construction and management innovation and technology self-innovation.

Now, the project gets into the acceptance phase. Previously a meeting has been organized by SGCC Construction Department to launch the project's acceptance, which is estimated to complete by the end of September 2010.

Source: Department of  Construction

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