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SGCC Topped 2010 China CSR Ranking of Domestic Enterprises
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The second annual meeting of the Corporate Social Responsibility in China was held on June 19 in Beijing. With convincing performance, SGCC won the first place in "2010 Corporate Social Responsibility Ranking of Domestic Enterprises".

SGCC won the first place in 2010 China CSR Ranking of Domestic Enterprises at the second China CSR held on June 19 2010 in Beijing.

The meeting was organized by the China Charity Federation and China Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (CAEFI). 36 enterprises won Special CSR Award and 50 won Excellent CSR Award and they were selected by experts from relevant associations, research centers, media and consulting institutes under a rigorous evaluation system. Mr. Shi Guangsheng, Chairman of CAEFI, Mr. Fan Baojun President of China Charity Federation, Mme. Ma Xiuhong, Vice Minister of Commerce of PRC delivered important speeches. Mr. Yuuji Kiyokawa, President of Japan-China Economic Association gave the keynote speech.

SGCC Vice President general manager assistant Lu Jian shared SGCC's experience and practice in fulfilling the CSR in his speech. He said the enterprise's overall management of CSR would develop into a new corporate management model, which is to pursue the comprehensive maximization of economic, social and environmental benefits, instead of mere profit maximization. He also mentioned that the managed targets will extend, from the internal human resources, financial and material, to both internal and external resources and potential; the management value will expand from only financial to economic, environmental and social, from the shareholder to stakeholders, and from focusing on itself to making social welfare; the management system will develop form concentrating on optimization of enterprise's internal resources to helping optimize the community's resources.

It is learned that 2010 China CSR Ranking has set up an evaluation standard with 10 primary indicators and 44 secondary indicators, including corporate management and moral values, employment and employee's rights protection, environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction, product quality control and consumer rights protection.

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