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SGCC'UHV Transmission Technology Named the Most Innovative Low-carbon Product
Publication Date:2010-10-08      click:

China's First Low Carbon Innovation Forum opened in Beijing on August, 21st, 2010. The forum, hosted by, unveiled a list of institutions which have made great contributions to China's low-carbon campaign. The ultra-high voltage power transmission technology by SGCC was named the most innovative product. SGCC News Center attended the forum and made a presentation on "Building a Strong and Smart Grid, Boosting the Social Green Development".

Being the world's largest public utility, SGCC bears heavy expectations from the public on boosting the low-carbon economy and promoting the green development of our society. To build a reliable and honest company image, we actively join in various communication programs with our counterparts, and publicize the achievements we have made in fields such as greenhouse gases reduction and low-carbon economy promotion.

In the presentation, we shared our idea that each time an energy reform took place, the lifestyles of mankind will be innovated. SGCC's initiative to build a strong and smart grid with UHV grid as backbone and subordinate grid in coordination and featured as being information-based, automated, and interactive, can not only satisfy our society's energy demand, but also upgrade people's life to a higher level.

The advantages are as follows: the grid will extensively employ clean-energy; boost the clean effective exploitation of coal resource; promote the economical use of electricity; respond to the challenges posed by climate change and environment protection, and emerge as the "six means of transportation", following the road, railway, waterway, aviation and pipeline transportation.

Source: SGCC News Center

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