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Hulun Buir-Liaoning +/-500kV DC Power Transmission Project Put into Operation
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On September 28th, the Hulun Buir-Liaoning +/-500kV DC Power Transmission Project (including its matching AC power projects), the main energy artery that connects the Hulun Buir coal power base in Inner Mongolia and the load center in Liaoning Province, was put into operation. It is the first power exporting project in China to employ DC transportation technology and also a key project within SGCC's fulfillment of the western development drive to support the frontier and ethnic areas as well as to re-boost the northeastern industrial base.

The total investment for the project is 7.645 billion yuan, with 6.451 billion put into the DC project and the receiving end AC project to have built a new convertor station in Yimin, Inner Mongolia, a convertor station in Mujia, Liaoning and a 908 kilometer-long DC power line, the AC power lines between Mujia and Anshan as well as other auxiliary projects.

The project's DC power converting capability is 3000MW, with a rated direct current of 3,000A. The recipient end of the project cost 1.194 billion yuan, which was mainly for constructing the new Bayantuohai switch station and the 204.27 kilometers of +/-500kV AC power lines from three power plants to Bayantuohai switch station and to Yimin convertor station.

The economy of Liaoning province took off remarkably in recent years, with its energy demand increasing rapidly at the same time. In 2009, the power consumption in the whole province reached 148.82 Twh, accounting for 55.3% of the northeast region's total power consumption. Due to the resource shortage within the province, its power supply has become even more intense, thus in urgent need of electricity import. As a national energy base, eastern Inner Mongolia is abundant with coal resources and geographically close to the northeastern regions. Rich in coal and hydrant resources and with a generating capacity of 37 GW, Hulun Buir is one of the coal-power bases in northeastern China with the greatest exploiting potential.

The Hulun Buir-Liaoning +/-500kV DC power transmission project was approved by National Development and Reform Commission in March, 2008. The system research, design, equipment production and project testing were all undertaken by domestic enterprises, thus was one hundred percent home-made. SGCC attached great importance to its management to ensure it's organized, safe, innovative and highly qualified.

The receiving end of the project is reported to have a power capacity of 3600MW, averagely distributed in the third installment of Yimin power plant, first installment of Baorixile power plant and first installment of Ewenke power plant. The project is supposed to transport 18 Twh annually, reducing raw coal transportation by 10 million tons.

Source: State Grid News

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