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First Smart Community Demonstration Project by North China Power Grid Company Completed
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The smart community demonstration project undertaken by North China Power Grid Company of SGCC---Xin'ao Golf Garden residential block in Langfang, Heibei province was completed on September, 20th 2010.

The community consists of 655 households and 11 buildings, and is the first demonstration community built by North China Power Grid as well as the first project constructed under SGCC's guideline on smart communities.

North China Grid initiated the project in February, 2010. After half year's construction, the company completed nine sections of the project including the low-voltage electricity network, power usage information collection, an interactive service platform, smart household installment, electricity automobile charging facilities, distributed power generation and energy storage, automatic electricity distribution, integrated network of internet, television and telephone, as well as a showcase of the smart community technologies.

With "smart energy use to lead a low-carbon life" as its core concept, the community has created a brand new low-carbon lifestyle by connecting optical fiber to every household, using clean energy and realizing intellectual management of family power consumption.

The low-voltage optical fiber power network covers the whole community, transporting electricity to every family, at the same time, bringing broadband internet to the household, thereby integrates the telephone, television and internet.

Its prototype room is equipped with distributed solar power generating and storage facilities at a capacity of 10 kilowatts, which provide the family with clean energy by local consumption and optimized control. Meanwhile, through the distributed solar power generating management system, the facilities offer the family the options to choose low-cost electricity according to the prices, level the electricity consumption amount between peak and low hours, and reserve electricity for emergency use.

The community is also installed with the latest AMI system, smart sockets and intellectual home appliances that automatically read the water, electricity and gas meters, record the family's power consumption habits and support remote control.

The residences can find out their family's power expenses, carbon emission amount and energy consumption habits, receive suggestions on energy use, and form an economical energy consumption habit.

For instance, the system would remind users to avoid or reduce using electricity during peak hours. Six charging poles are stationed in its underground garage, which can adequately meet its residents' daily power needs.

The community employs intellectual switch and automatic monitoring devices. The advanced electricity distribution system of the community can automatically detect malfunctions and reconstruct two-level network with fault self-recovery capability. It monitors the electricity transportation around the clock and tests power quality real time, which ensures 99.999% of reliable power supply. Moreover, households can receive customer services at home by accessing 95598 interactive website.

Through the interface of the intellectual terminal, the residents can shop, make appointments with their doctors, make video telephone calls, and order food delivery without stepping out of their homes. "All these operations can be done in your office if the terminal software are installed in your work computer," an engineer explained.

Source: State Grid News

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