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    International Communication and Cooperation


Following its international development strategies, State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) collaborated with neighboring countries to jointly develop energy resources. In the meanwhile, SGCC fully utilize global resources to train its personnel, carry out international benchmarking to improve management.

SGCC has signed cooperation agreements with power corporations in Russia, Kazakhstan and Mongolia. The contract of Russia-to-Heilongjiang Power Transmission Project has been officially signed. The China-Russia back-to-back HVDC Project has already started. The international cooperation on renewable energy (biomass energy etc.) are implemented smoothly., SGCC also made a breakthrough in the international cooperation on clean energy development mechanism (CDM) projects.

SGCC made best use of global resources to foster talents. An international-wide recruitment advertisement was publicized for positions of senior managers. Highlighted collaboration with top international corporations was greatly strengthened. SGCC planned to send 6 groups of senior executives to top international corporations for management experiences sharing and training. In 2006, the first group of senior executives had its study tour in Siemens Co. Ltd, Germany.

In addition, SGCC has been engaged in international benchmarking so as to improve its management. International consultations were carried out in areas such as urban power grid planning and IT technology application.

On November 28th, 2006 International Conference of UHV Transmission Technology was held in Beijing. More than 300 representatives from 19 countries and regions attended the meeting and reached an agreement, which built a bridge for international cooperation on development of UHV technology.

On March 21st, with Chairman Hu Jingtao and President Putin as witnesses, SGCC and Russian Joint Stock Company-Unified Energy System of Russia (RAO UESR) jointly signed the Agreement on Making Feasibility Researches of Russia-to-China Electricity Supply between SGCC and Russian Electric Power System Co. Ltd. At 6 pm on November 9th 2006, SGCC president Mr. Liu Zhenya and CEO of RAO Mr. Anatoly Chubais attended the signing ceremony in the Great Hall of the People for the 1st Phase Electricity Trading Contract of Russia-To-China Electricity Supply between SGCC and RAO UESR.

This was a milestone that symbolized a progress since two countries signed agreement for collaboration of electric power on July 1st 2005. Following that, Mr. Liu Zhenya met with the delegation led by Chubais. They had a strategic meeting in a friendly way and finally signed the Agreement of Principles on Implementing Russia-to-China Electricity Supply Programs between SGCC and RAO UESR.

On November 17th, during the APEC Summit in Vietnam, Mr. Liu Zhenya, President of SGCC, met respectively with CEO of Electricity of Viet Nam (EVN), party secretary Mr. Dao Van Hung and executive manager Mr. Pham Le Thanh.

On October 27th, president of Philippine Ms. Arroyo met in Xiamen with Mr. Liu Zhenya and his company. They had a friendly discussion together.

On October 25th, the signing ceremony was held for Letter of Intent of CDM Project between China National Bio Energy Co. Ltd. and EDF Trading Co. Ltd.. It symbolized a big progress for China to develop clean energy mechanism program.

During September 16th and 28th, as the first training group, 24 senior executives from headquarter and subsidiary companies of SGCC visited Siemens and received 2-week training there. The training involved the corporation strategies, financial management, human resources and comprehensive management of corporation etc.

On the morning of September 11th, President Liu Zhenya met with the delegation of Eskom led by CEO of Eskom and director general of department of public works of South Africa.

On June 1st, stakeholders of China-Mongolia energy collaboration signed the Agreement of First Phase Feasibility Research on Building Coal and Electricity Base Program in Mongolia to Supply Electricity to China.

SGCC keeps in good relationships and maintains friendly communications with world renowned corporations in more than 10 countries and regions, and has wide cooperation in the areas of enterprise development, power grids construction, power industry reform, technology exchange and environment conservation etc.

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