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SGCC will Build a Strong National Power Grid with Ultra High Voltage Grid as its Backbone and Supported by Coordinated Grids at Various Voltage Levels to Promote Transformation of Grid Developmentpt
Based on chinese characteristics and the rules of power grid development, SGCC will implement the corporate energy strategy, push forward the sustainable development of power industry, and speed up the construction on UHV grid plan and preparation on UHV demonstration project. The UHV transmission technology was listed into the Outline of the National Long and Medium Term Program for Scientific and Technical Development, and the UHV demonstration project was listed into the Key Projects List Of 2005- 2006 National Energy Work Outline. At present, the UHV AC demonstration project from Southeast Shanxi - Henan Nanyang - Hubei Jingmen is ready for construction. The feasibility study on UHV DC transmission project from Xiangjiaba hydropower plant and Xiluodu hydropower plant located in Sichuan to Central China grid, and UHV DC transmission project from Jinping hydropower plant located in Sichuan to East China grid have been completed.

    Optimization on National Grid Plan

    SGCC has provided great assistant for developing strategy of power industry in the     11th Five-Year Plan period and the study on prospective goals in 2020. SGCC has     worked out the developing plan on UHV power grids, the plan on synchronizing grids     and the developing plan of national grids in the 11th Five-Year Plan period. Based on     the principle of coordination of grids at each level, SGCC has completed regional,     provincial grids and respective secondary system developing plan, as well as the     urban grid plan in 31 major cities.

    To Speed Construction on National Grid

    SGCC actively adapts to the requirements of approval regulation on power grid     project, vigorously implements the preliminary work on power grid construction.     Constructions on trans-regional, regional and provincial backbone grid, as well as     rural and urban grids are constructed smoothly. Constructions and refurbishment on     31 major urban grids were commenced totally. In 2005 the first 750kV UHV     transmission and substation project in China-Guanting to east Lanzhou transmission     project and the first wholly localized DC transmission project - Lingbao DC     Conversion Station was commissioned and operated smoothly.

    Transmission Capacity Improvementonment

    SGCC actively implements power grid innovation and upgrading, takes measure to     realize the potential of the grid, organizes and constructs on projects for upgrading     the capacity of existing grids. By the end of 2005, SGCC had improved the     transmission capacity by 45,000MW.

    Investment on Grid Construction and Operated Projects Reached     Historical Record

    In 2005, SGCC invested RMB 10.8 billion yuan in grid construction and     refurbishment;put into operation of 19,800 km of 220kV and above power     transmission lines , increased transforming capacity by 93.25 million kVA and DC     conversion capacity by 720MW; commenced 23,300 km of 220kV and above     transmission lines, increased transforming capacity by 102.6 million kVA.


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