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Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2008(download)
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Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2007(download)

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Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2006(download)

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Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2005(download)
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SGCC Guidance for the implementation of CSR (download)
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    Corporate Social Responsibility Concept

    CSR Goal: To grow up and to better servicing the society.

    CSR Code: Human oriented,Common growth.

    To Take the Lead to Issue the CSR Report

    SGCC is the first state-owned enterprise in China that issued CSR report. Published     on March 10, 2006, the CSR report reflects our commitment on social responsibility,     arousing wide attention and response in the society.

    To Serve for the Building of New Socialist Countryside

By the end of 2005, SGCC reached the target that all categories of power consumption within the business area of SGCC pay the same tariff, practically relieving farmers’burden. SGCC takes the strategy of “new countryside, new power, new services” for rural power development, implements the project of “Power For All”. By means of maximum extension of power grid, SGCC strives to realize the target of “Power For All” for 1400 thousand non-connected families within the service area of SGCC in 2010.

    To Serve for the Construction of a Conservation and Environment Friendly     Society

We commit to take proper steps to the Central Government’s arrangements on a conservation and environment friendly society. The concept of protecting environment and conserving resource serves as our guideline to direct in setting strategy, planning and design, installation and construction, production and operation, customer services etc. SGCC is an active sponsor to support the development of new and renewable energy resources such as promotion of bio energy generation technology and commercial operation, which is conducive to alleviating environment impact.

    To Serve 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

    On Jan.26, 2006, SGCC was approved to be the official partner supplying power for     2008 Beijing Olympic Games, provide services to the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games.

    To Devote to Community

    SGCC is an active participator in many social activities such as poverty alleviation,     Tibet-aiding program and emergency rescue and disaster relief as well as assisting     instruction and learning. In 2005 SGCC donated RMB175.39 million yuan for various     activities of public services.

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