State Grid Makes Breakthroughs in Smart Charging Switching Service Network

Under the guidance of the Scientific Outlook on Development, State Grid promotes electric vehicles to effectively implement China¡¯s energy-saving and emission reduction policy. To actively join the nation¡¯s energy-saving drive, State Grid started new energy vehicles program as early as 2006. After five years of research and practice, the corporation integrated smart grid, internet of things and the network of communication lines, which provide centralized charging,unified distribution,battery switching as main service and play-in charing as supplementation.The management was information-based, automated and web-based. Thus State Grid realized the development pattern of smart charging/switching service network of the the service for EV users with the same quality and price.

On January 10, China Electricity Council organized an appraisal conference on Zhejiang demonstration projects of State Grid¡¯s smart charging/switching service network in Hangzhou City. The appraisal committee was composed of 19 experts from China¡¯s top institutions, auto companies and research organizations (including Hong Kong University, Zhejiang University, Beijing Jiaotong University, China Association of Automobile Manufactures, Society of Automobile Engineers of China, China Automotive Technology & Research Center, State-Owned Enterprise Electric Vehicle Industry Alliance, No.18 Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation, FAW Group Corporation, Dongfeng Motor Group, Chang'an Automobile Group, Chery Automobile Group, Faw Haima Motor Corporation, Foton Group, Zhengzhou Nissan Automobile Company, Wanxiang Group, Anhui Electric Power Company, China Electric Power Research Institute, State Grid Electric Power Research Institute and XJ Group Corporation). and Chen Qingquan, academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and chairman of World Electric Vehicle Association,and academician Wang You served as director and deputy director of the expert committee. Officials from China¡¯s Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, National Energy Administration, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, China Electricity Council, State-Owned Enterprise Alliance and local officials from Hangzhou attended the conference and delivered a speech. Representatives from State Grid¡¯s Department of Strategic Development Planning, Department of Finance, Department of Production and Technology, Department of Science and Technology, Department of Smart Grid, Department of Information Technology and Department of Marketing were also present at the conference.

The expert committee believed that the completion of State Grid¡¯s smart charging service network connecting the urban and suburb areas was unprecedented on the international stage. The patented technologies filled the blank in domestic and international power industry and were in the frontier of the world¡¯s power industry. The committee members unanimously approved the technical results. Official and delegates at the conference acknowledged State Grid¡¯s operation patterns demonstration projects of the service network and agreed the technology should meet the requirement for  industrialization of new vehicles with smart grid, make full use of the substation resources, create an innovative business mode, and supply the electric vehicles with quality services and boost the development of electric vehicles. The network can ensure safe grid operation, increased utilization of social resources. The technical route used in the network is logical, user-friendly and should be widely applied.

During the past five years, the smart charging/switching service  network has won State Grid 114 patents among which 47 were for invention. In 2010, a total of 87 standardized charging/switching station, 5179 chargers and 7031 AC charging poles were put into operation, making China the country with the largest number of charging equipments in the world. The appraisal conference received positive recognitions from China¡¯s central and local governmental departments. The public was also well informed about the conference. Fourteen media organizations including CCTV, Xinhua News Agency and People¡¯s Daily covered the event.

Source: Department of Marketing

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