SGCC Released Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2016


On February 20, 2017, SGCC released its Corporate Social Responsibility Report 2016. This is the 12th consecutive year for SGCC as the first central SOE to release the annual CSR report. It is also the first CSR report released by SGCC during the 13th Five-Year Plan period. Under the guidance of the scientific outlook on corporate social responsibility, the Report shows SGCC's aspiration, action, performance and commitment in promoting innovative, coordinated, green, open, shared development concepts and adapting to the new economic normal.

The Report introduces SGCC's CSR highlights, adding 10 featured topics including deepening power institutional reforms for the first time, comprehensively presenting the major events and achievements of SGCC in 2016.

In terms of the aspiration, SGCC promotes the integration of CSR into corporate operation and corporate strategy, firmly establishes the scientific corporate social responsibility view, based on the requirement of the sustainable development of the economy and society environment, puts forward the social responsibility concept to optimize corporate strategy.

SGCC stresses CSR in daily work to ensure power supply in a safer, cleaner, more economical and sustainable manner to serve social and economic development, and to promote the coordinated and sustainable development of the company, the industry and the society to achieve maximum comprehensive value.

SGCC incorporates CSR in its management system through the development of a stakeholder participation mechanism to improve the transparency of operation and build a brand image of a responsible central SOE.

At the same time, SGCC integrates CSR penetration and promotes the coverage of comprehensive social responsibility management model in its companies, departments, positions of all administrative levels, constantly improving the capability and performance in carrying out social responsibility. 

In terms of the action, SGCC managed to secure reliable energy supply, optimize resource allocation with its grids, promote coordinated development of power grids at different levels, and put forward reform measures. The company is responsible for every stakeholder including electricity users, three rural issues, cooperative partners, communities and employees.

As a role model of green development, SGCC strives for maximum consumption of clean energy, promotes electricity replacement, supports the development of EV industry and actively copes with climate change.

SGCC expands international operation and actively promotes localization to move forward power grid interconnectivity.

SGCC also guarantees operation transparency and is open to public supervision and regulations, strengthens social communication and carries out CSR penetration projects.

In terms of performance and commitment, the Report revealed the commitment fulfillment of all of the provincial companies and subsidiaries in 2016, and their commitment for 2017.

Source: Department of Public Relations, State Grid News

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