Jiuquan-Hunan 800KV UHV DC Power Transmission Project Put into Operation

On March 10, Jiuquan-Hunan 800kV UHV DC power transmission project was put into operation. With huge economic, social and environmental benefits, the project is of great significance to promoting the development of Gansu energy base, expanding the scope of energy consumption, making full use of energy reserves to achieve economic benefits, driving domestic demand and economic growth, promoting the transformation and upgrade of machine manufacturing, improving the capacity of energy consumption, meeting the power demand in Central China, promoting the realization of the national goal of reducing energy intensity, implementing the national air pollution prevention and control action plan and improving air and environmental quality.

The construction of Jiuquan-Hunan Project started in June 2015, covering five provinces (municipalities) including Gansu, Shanxi, Chongqing, Hubei and Hunan. Two new converters (Qiaowan converter and Xiangtan converter) has been built with a capacity of 16GW and a total length of lines reaching 2,383km.

Jiuquan-Hunan project is a cross-regional power transmission channel for the outbound transmission of new energy including wind power and solar power. The project adopted UHV DC technologies and facilities independently developed by China. After being put into operation, it will greatly promote the development of and outbound power transmission from Gansu Energy Base, alleviate the pressure of power supply in Central China, drive economic growth, expand employment, increase tax revenue and improve air pollution prevention and control.

As the first UHV power transmission project directly transmitting power to Hunan. The project has a capacity of 40TWh, which is equivalent to the annual power generation of 6 power stations in Changsha. It is able to meet more than quarter of the power demand of Hunan, providing reliable power supply for social and economic growth in the province.

Currently, the total length of the 20 UHV projects of SGCC under construction has reached 30,000 km, with a transformation (converting) capacity of more than 320GVA(GW) and an accumulated power transmission of more than 600TWh. Relying on large grids to develop new energy, SGCC has an installed capacity for new energy of more than 200GW, making it the largest grid in the world for wind power and solar power.

Source: Department of DC Transmission Project, State Grid News


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