Beijing Electricity Trading Center Implemented "Electricity Aid to Xinjiang" Agreements

Since the beginning of this year, Beijing Electricity Trading Center has been actively carrying out "Electricity Aid to Xinjiang" agreements signed among Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and five other provinces including Jiangsu Province, giving full play to its electricity trading platform to promote market-driven trades with a total sale of 2.806TWh. This contributes to the export of electricity generated in Xinjiang, which helps Xinjiang to make full use of its large resource reserves to drive economic growth through industrial development.

Beijing Electricity Trading Center has organized "Electricity Aid to Xinjiang" market-based trading for ten times through listed trading on its electricity trading platform with participation of more than 360 electricity generation companies in Xinjiang (more than 90% of them are in the field of the development of new energy, such as wind power and solar power). According to agreements, Xinjiang will transmit 1TWh of electricity to Jiangsu, 0.3TWh to Jiangxi, 0.2TWh to Tianjin, 1.006TWh to Guangdong and 0.3TWh to Beijing, with the total amount of 2.806TWh, in which 280GWh will be generated from renewable energy including wind and solar power.

"Electricity Aid to Xinjiang" Project helps Xinjiang to transmit electric power to related provinces through inter-provincial transmission lines such as Tianzhong, Lingzhou - Shaoxing and Jinping - Sunan UHV DC lines to enable Xinjiang to make full use of its huge resource reserves to drive economic development with GDP rising by RMB10.3 billion yuan. It can also help with energy conservation and emission reduction in recipient provinces in East and Central China by reducing CO2 emissions by 2.2 million tons and SO2 emissions by 70,000 tons. 

Source: Beijing Electricity Trading Center, State Grid News


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