The World¡¯s Largest Power Project by Voltage and Capacity
Southern Suzhou Power Grid 500kV UPFC Demonstration Project was Put into Operation
On 9:48 a.m. 19th December, 2017, with the order of a commander, the power transmission capacity of Meili-Mudu 500kV line was adjusted from 2,388MW to 2,188MW, marking that the southern Zuzhou power grid500kV unified power flow controller (UPFC) demonstration project with the world¡¯s highest voltage level and the largest capacity was put into operation. Yang Jinbai, Executive Vice President of SGCC, announced a successful inauguration and delivered a speech.

Yang Jinbai pointed out that the construction of southern Suzhou 500kV UPFC project is a major project to implement the important instruction of President Xi Jinping on ¡°promoting a revolution in energy production and consumption, and building an energy sector that is clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient¡± and to speed up the construction of an extensively-connected, smart, interactive, flexible, resilient, safe and controllable new power system.

Suzhou has the largest power load among China¡¯s prefecture-level cities. The main power transmission channels in southern Suzhou are Jinping-Sunan ¡À800 kV UHV DC and three 500kV AC transmission lines. The hydropower transmitted through UHV DC channels from Sichuan is seasonal, making it impossible to use the three 500kV power channels in a balanced way. Therefore, people used to see quite often that ¡°half of the lines being overloaded while the other half idle¡±. The 500kV UPFC demonstration project will then serve as ¡°a smart navigation system¡± in southern Suzhou power grid, thus realizing an ¡°automatic operation¡± of the electricity. In the past, during the dry season in winter when the amount of hydropower from Sichuan suffered a sharp decline, the major power transmission channel or the 500kV Meili-Mudu line would be overloaded. After being installed with UPFC, it can now work like a navigation system of the power grid, accurately controlling and managing electric power which was randomly distributed, intelligently matching the transmission load of the three AC channels, realizing the most optimized power distribution, and thus increasing the power transmission capacity of southern Suzhou grid by 1.3GW. Besides, UPFC could also effectively stabilize the voltage level of southern Suzhou and maintain a safe and stable operation of power grid.

With an investment of 955 million RMB, the project is located in Wuzhong District, Suzhou, and its construction started on 3rdNovember, 2016. The project team overcame many technical difficulties, and developed the world¡¯s largest independent series transformer with the highest voltage level and largest capacity, and the self-cooled AC thyristor valve group with the highest level of voltage in the world. The project will effectively promote the rapid development of the regional economy and further improve the comprehensive strength and international competitiveness of China in electric engineering to realize ¡°created in China¡± and ¡°led by China¡±.

Source: State Grid News

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