Mongolian Prime Minister JargaltulgaErdenebatmet SGCC Chairman ShuYinbiao and President Kou Wei
On May 13, 2017, a delegation led by Mongolian Prime Minister JargaltulgaErdenebat met with SGCC Chairman ShuYinbiao and President Kou Wei. They had in-depth talks on promoting the Belt and Road Initiative and enhancing energy cooperation between China and Mongolia. Chairman of the Labor Union of SGCC Liu Guangying also attended the meeting.

Erdenebat noted that Mongolia highly regardedthe Belt and Road Initiative andintendedto take an active part in the win-win cooperation under the initiative. In terms of infrastructure connectivity, the Xibe Obo project is a perfect example. Mongolia will speed up relevant approval and examination on related projects. Erdenebat said Mongolia¡¯s southern region hadabundant renewable energy resources and expressed hope that the two sides couldconduct pragmatic cooperation in developing renewable energies. While promoting bilateral energy cooperation, Mongolia is ready to take part in multilateral energy cooperation in Northeast Asia, make the most of the multinational inter-regional optimal resources allocation capabilities of big power grids and promote electricity trading and energy cooperation among different regions.

SGCC Chairman ShuYinbiao thanked Erdenebat for his attention on and support for the power cooperation projects between China and Mongolia, and gave a brief introduction on the company. Shu said Mongolia wasan important Belt and Road country. Chinese and Mongolian government leaders have reached consensus that the Belt and Road Initiative and Mongolia's Prairie Road development initiative can be effectively dovetailed, which can enhance the two countries¡¯ cooperation in fields like energy, infrastructure and finance. Mongolia has rich energy resources, while China¡¯s demands for power and electricity are constantly increasing. Speeding up the development and export of Mongolian¡¯s energy resources can bring benefits to both China and Mongolia. The Xibe Obo project is a key project of China-Mongolia energy cooperation, and also a major step to realize power grid interconnection between China and Mongolia and push forward the Belt and Road Initiative. It can help Mongolia improve its people¡¯s well-being, boost the country¡¯s economic development and bring the benefits of China¡¯s economic development to Belt and Road countries, exemplifying the principle of achieving shared growth through discussion and collaboration. Shu hoped that Erdenebatcould continue paying close attention to the project. SGCC will also strengthen exchange and cooperation in renewable energies with Mongolia, thereby further promoting grid connectivity.

Mongolian Foreign Minister MunkhOrgil, Mongolian ambassador in China Gankhuyag, Mongolian Minister of Energy P.Gankhuu, Ambassador of China to Mongolia Xing Haiming, SGCC Deputy Chief Engineer and Director of Dept. of International Cooperation Zhu Guangchao, representatives from SGCC AdministrationOffice, Dept. of Development and Planning, Dept. of Finance& Asset, and State Grid Energy Conservation Service Co., Ltd. participated in the meeting.

Source: Department of International Cooperation, State Grid News

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