Leaders of SGCC Attended China-Switzerland New Silk Road Cooperation Forum for the Economic Circle
On 13th May, Embassy of Switzerland to China and the Swiss Chinese Chambers of Commerce jointly held the China-Switzerland New Silk Road Cooperation Forum for the Economic Circle. Ms. Doris Leuthard, President of the Swiss Federation, attended the forum and made a keynote speech. Mr. XinBaoan, Senior Vice President of SGCC also attended the forum and made a few remarks.

Ms. Leuthard pointed out in her speech that the Belt and Road Initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping created an open and efficient platform for strengthening the communication and cooperation between Switzerland and China and unlocked new business and economic opportunities for the two sides and countries along the Belt and Road. Energy infrastructure is a major issue of concern in the development of the  Belt and Road. Switzerland has accumulated rich experience in energy and environmental sustainability and is willing to share with all sides good practice to find new cooperation opportunities, promote new breakthroughs in the energy sector and drive the green and sustainable development of the world¡¯s energy industry. 

Mr. XinBaoan pointed out that the Belt and Road Initiative wasa great cause in line with the trend of the times that aims to promote economic prosperity and regional cooperation among related countries, safeguard world peace and deliver tangible benefits to people all over the world, which wasof great and far-reaching significance. Since being proposed, the Belt and Road Initiative has won active response from the international community with huge potential for cooperation already being unveiled. Following the principle of openness, mutual trust and win-win cooperation, SGCC has been committed to serving the development of the Belt and Road with significant progress being made in grid infrastructure connectivity, overseas project investment, operation and construction. These achievements helped SGCC to establish a good reputation in the local communities. Switzerland is known as ¡°the land of technological innovation¡± with quality manufacturing products being sold all over the world, and is famous for its ¡° spirit of craftsmanship¡±. Similarly, SGCC regards technological innovation as the fundamental driver of business growth with the goal of building itself into a ¡°century-old¡± brand with ever-lasting prosperity. Therefore, SGCC hopes to learn from Swiss businesses for their ¡°spirit of craftsmanship¡± featuring patience, focus and the pursuit of excellency and to strengthen communication and cooperation with sector peers from Switzerland in smart grid, electricity and electronics and new energy under the principle of win-win development and complementation to make joint efforts to lead innovation, drive industrial upgrade and serve economic and social development of the two countries. With the holding of the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation in China, China and Switzerland will witness closer cooperation in economy, technology and energy. SGCC is willing to deepen cooperation with the Swiss government and businesses to make more contributions to promoting energy sustainability and the development of strategic partnership between the two sides.

In the Q&A session, Mr. XinBaoan answered questions concerning cooperation opportunities, investment and risk management in environmental sustainability between China and Switzerland.

Representatives of the National Energy Administration, entrepreneurs from Chinese and Swiss, and head of Department of International Cooperation of SGCC attended the forum.

Source: Department of International Cooperation, State Grid News

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