Xi Jinping and Kazakhstan President Nazarbayev Visit Chinese Pavilion of Astana Expo 2017

Xinhua 每 On June 8, 2017 local time, Chinese President Xi Jinping, who was on a state visit to Kazakhstan, visited the Chinese national pavilion of the Astana Expo 2017, accompanied by his Kazakh counterpart Nursultan Nazarbayev.

The Astana Expo 2017, themed Future Energy,  is the first specialized expo held by a Central Asian country. Among the over 100 participating countries and international organizations, China is the first to start the construction of its national pavilion. The Chinese pavilion, under the theme of "future energy, green Silk Road," aims to share with the international community China's concepts and practices in traditional energy transformation, new energy exploitation, environmental protection, sustainable development and other aspects.  

Xi and Nazarbayev watched for a while the documentary the "Belt and Road" 每 the Pursuit of Great Cause at the Chinese pavilion. The two heads of state visited the exhibition areas, such as the Energy Corridor, the Wisdom and Practice of China, the Energy Dream Theater, the Global Mission and Cooperation and other areas.

In the section of Global Mission and Cooperation, Xi Jinping and Nazarbayev visited SGCC's exhibition booth, where they listened to a report on the company's display made by Liu Guangying, Chairman of the Labor Union of SGCC. Through sand table and promos, the company presented its progress in UHV technologies and its important role in promoting clean energy and energy connectivity. The sand table consisted of a number of elements like UHV power station, hydropower station, transmission lines, clean energy (hydro, wind and solar power generation), mountains and hills, rivers and cities. Presentation cards on the table demonstrated data of Xiangjiaba 每 Shanghai ㊣800kV UHV DC Transmission Demonstration Project, such as transmission distance, volume, land use and line loss. After charged with electricity, the sand table simulated how clean power is transmitted from afar, with windmill rotating, cities lighting up, and transmission lines showing current trends.

Later on, Xi asked with interest, "I heard that your UHV projects were introduced into Brazil. Is it true?" Liu answered, "Yes. SGCC won two UHV projects in Brazil. We have gone global comprehensively, bringing our technologies, equipments, standards, talents and culture overseas."

In recent years, SGCC has carried out decisions made by the Central Party Committee and implemented the strategy of going global. Through sophisticated UHV technologies and measures like exporting technologies, building infrastructure, investing overseas projects and fulfilling social responsibilities, the company promotes grid connectivity, contributes to the Belt and Road Initiative and upgrades global production capacity, thereby boosting economic growth worldwide.

SGCC makes the most of its advantages, puts countries along the Belt and Road at the core of its overseas business expansion and runs its businesses in Asia, Europe, Africa, America and Oceania, striving to promote globalization. SGCC is a contractor of a string of grid projects represented by Brazil's Belo Monte Hydropower Project, upgrading project of EETC 500kV National Backbone Network in Egypt, Matiari 每 Lahore and Matiari / Port Qasim 每 Faisalabad Electricity Transmission and Transformation Projects. The company built 10 trans-border transmission lines between China and countries like Russia, Mongolia and Kyrghyzstan. Meanwhile, SGCC has also made acquisitions of infrastructure assets overseas, with an accumulated investment amount of nearly USD15 billion. SGCC has become a major force of implementing the Belt and Road Initiative. In the future, the company will continue carrying out its strategy of going global, speed up to strengthen grid connectivity with neighboring countries and deepen production capacity cooperation worldwide, so as to make further contributions to the global energy connectivity and the Belt and Road Initiative.

Source: Xinhua News Agency; State Grid News


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