VSC-HVDC Power Transmission Technology Developed by China Won the Bid for Shetland Project in Britain

On 13th June, SGCC announced that the VSC-HVDC power transmission technology independently developed by Global Energy Interconnection Research Institute (GEIRI) won the bid for Shetland Project in Britain. According to the bidding result, the Global Energy Interconnection Research Institute has been selected as  the technology provider, Nari Group Corporation (Nari) the convertor station supplier and National Grid (NG) from Britain the general contractor of the project. This is the first time for VSC-HVDC technology developed by China to win the bid for international projects, which is also a sign of the competitiveness of China in the global market in advanced power transmission technologies. 

Shetland Project aims to provide reliable power supply to Shetland Island in Northern Scotland. The ˇŔ88kV DC project with a transmission capacity of 67 MW and a transmission distance of 250km, is expected to be put into operation at the end of 2020.

In 2015, as the EPC general contractor of Shetland VSC-HVDC power transmission project, NG became one of the invited tenders for convertor station and line contractor, and it invited GEIRI as one of suppliers for convertor station. GEIRI and Nari soon established a consortium to prepare for the bid. In August 2016, with support of the international platform of GEIRI Europe and outstanding technological strength and detailed work, the consortium outran famous international electric equipment giants such as Siemens and Alstom to become the sole convertor station partner of NG.

During the bid, GEIRI and GEIRI Europe actively participated in the project liaison meeting, designing clarification meeting and workshop organized by NG and the project owner. At the same time, it also managed to gain the trust of the British side in its technological and engineering strength through delivering keynote speeches in international academic conferences organized by CIGRE and IEEE and inviting world-renowned experts to discuss technological issues. At the end of 2016, the consortium assistant NG to carry out the bidding and beat three other bidders including ABB.

SGCC began the R&D of VSC-HVDC power transmission technologies in 2006. In recent years, with the success of Nanhui Wind Farm Project in Shanghai and other domestic projects, and through actively participating in technological discussions on international conferences organized by IEC, CIGRE, IET and IEE, SGCC established a positive academic image worldwide. In 2008, VSC-HVDC technology embraced an important development opportunity with the launch of the ˇ°Super Gridˇ± development plan by Europe. In 2013, GEIRI participated in the bidding on behalf of SGCC and became the first, and the only so far, Chinese team to be approved to bid for European and US VSC-HVDC projects.

Before winning the bid for Shetland Project, SGCC had already been chosen as the sole convertor station technology partner for the Channel Cable VSC-HVDC project connecting Britain and France (the project has not been started yet). The success of SGCC in Shetland Project fully shows that the VSC-HVDC technology developed independently by China has gained the recognition and trust in the high-end market of Europe. It also marks the start of an expedition of high-end DC equipment in developed markets. In the future, SGCC will seize the historic opportunity provided by the energy restructuring and power grid upgrading in Europe, the U.S. and other developed markets, to actively expand overseas operations, promote technological breakthroughs and increase the share of Chinese high-end equipment in the international market to support the implementation of ˇ°Made in China 2025ˇ±.

Source: Global Energy Interconnection Research Institute, SGCC News

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