Shu Yinbiao Attended and Addressed the 2017 Challenges of Government Conference and the UK-China Workshop: Exploring Frontiers in Power Production and Distribution

On 19th June local time, the UK-China Workshop: Exploring Frontiers in Power Production and Distribution with the theme of promoting energy transition to a clean and low-carbon model was held in the University of Oxford. Experts and scholars from the British government, universities and power utilities joint the workshop and discussed major issues concerning energy transition, including new energy exploitation, power network development as well as policies and regulations. The workshop  coincided with the annual Challenges of Government Conference which chose "Bridging the Gap" as the theme of this year, and invited high-level government officials, business leaders and scholars to share ideas on how to renovate politics, public service, economies, and bolster international cooperation to build more cohesive and trusting societies. Shu Yibiao, Chairman of State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), made his speeches respectively in the workshop and the conference and was well received and highly recognized by the audience.

At the UK-China Workshop, Shu Yinbiao delivered a keynote speech titled "Strengthening Exchange and Cooperation to Promote Energy Transition", in which he introduced the achievement China has made and the practices  SGCC has tried in energy transition. Shu Yinbiao pointed out that in recent years, to improve the ecological environment, protect public health, realize sustainable development and meet global emission reduction goals, the Chinese government has been actively promoting "four revolutions and one cooperation" to improve the development and use of new energy, and to accelerate energy transition towards a clean and low-carbon model. These efforts has already made significant progress. Besides, as stated by President Xi Jinping  in the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation held recently that, people should seize the opportunity provided by the new round of energy restructuring and technology upgrading to build Global Energy Interconnection (GEI) and realize green and low-carbon development, a guideline for China to strengthen international cooperation on energy, promote power network interconnection and realize the sustainable development of energy.

Shu Yinbiao elaborated that promoting energy transition shall have the massive development and use of new energy as the core measure, the extensive and intensive re-electrification of energy production and consumption as the basic approach and the interconnected, smart and efficient modern power grid as the fundamental platform. SGCC regards developing clean energy to facilitate sustainable growth as its ultimate mission, sticks to the pursuit of an innovation-driven growth and actively promotes the development of new energy and energy transition in China through developing UHV transmission, smart grid, replacement of other energy sources with electricity and balance regulation of the grid system. At the end of 2016, the installed capacity of wind power and solar power generation of SGCC reached 130GW and 70GW respectively, making SGCC a company with the most rapid growth of connection and largest installed capacity of new energy. Moreover, SGCC now owns the largest number of smart meters and the strongest capacity of EV battery charging in the globe.

Shu Yinbiao expressed that UK's plenty successful experience from its attempts in energy transition deserve to be drawn on. Companies of China and Britain have much room and great potential for further and enlarged cooperation in the energy sector. He indicated that SGCC is willing to join force with its British counterparts to seize the opportunity and participate in the energy development proposed in the Belt and Road Initiative. As Vice Chairman of IEC, Mr. Shu also voiced his hope to work with British companies and standardization organizations and make contribution to the sustainable development of global energy.

At the 2017 Challenges of Government Conference, Shu Yinbiao delivered a speech on "Taking Responsibilities to Create Value Continously", in which he introduced the current economic situation of China and how SGCC has helped China to promote energy transition and economic development. Shu Yinbiao shared with the audience that in recent years, via advocating innovation, coordination, green growth, openness and mutual sharing, and upholding the supply-side structural reforms, the Chinese government is leading China into a new normal featured by a slower pace, structural optimization and renewed drivers of growth. In today's China, new business forms and models continue to emerge and new industry and new economy keep expanding. The growth of total power consumption this year indicates that the Chinese economy has a strong momentum to maintain medium and high speed growth and to promote the industrial restructuring towards medium and high end. The Belt and Road Initiative proposed by President Xi Jinping has gained active response from countries all over the world and will inject new vigor to economic globalization. Meanwhile, China has already made upgrading energy production and promoting consumption reform as a national strategy to vigorously develop new energy, change the current energy mix with coal as the major source of energy and build a clean, low-carbon energy system, pioneering around the world in the global emission reduction.

Shu Yinbiao further introduced that SGCC has always been actively fulfilling its social responsibilities, with developing clean energy to facilitate sustainable growth as its mission and becoming a leading international enterprise with world class power grid as its goal. Firstly, SGCC constructs strong and smart grid to support economic growth and energy transition in China. Since 2010, SGCC has accumulatively spent more than 400 billion US dollars in grid construction and upgrading, which greatly improved grid technologies and facilities and the capacity of  resources allocation, meeting shortage of installed capacity and growing power demand while promoting new energy development and energy mix optimization. Secondly, SGCC engages in technological innovation to lead the development of grid technology worldwide. It has a large number of cutting-edge technology IPRs in UHV power transmission, smart grid and large grid control. Thirdly, SGCC explores the global market to actively participate in the Belt and Road Initiative. The company has made impressive achievements in investing in and operating overseas energy infrastructure, grid interconnection, international project construction, export of technology and equipment, as well as development of international standards. Fourthly, SGCC executes its social responsibility to promote a coordinated development among the economy, society and environment. It makes social responsibility an indispensible part of its corporate culture and  incorporates it into its strategy planning and operation. Through providing wide range electricity services, accelerating rural grid upgrading,  realizing power access to all households, participating in disaster relief, building environmental-friendly grid, as well as relying on localized operation while respecting local culture and customs in its overseas practices, SGCC has established its image as a responsible enterprise.

During the discussion in the workshop and conference, the achievements of China and the effective efforts SGCC has made in economic growth and energy transition were highly recognized by all the participants. Many representatives from governments, businesses and research institutes of other countries expressed their willingness to carry out further communication and cooperation with China.

Source: Research Center of SGCC, Department of International Cooperation of SGCC, State Grid News.

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