SGCC Donates 236 Village-Level PV Power Plants to Alleviate Poverty in Hubei

SGCC has donated 437 million RMB to build 236 PV power plants in rural areas in Hubei, for poverty alleviation. On September 14th, the project transfer contract signing ceremony was held in Yichang, Hubei. The project is a demonstration of the efforts of central state-owned enterprises to reduce poverty. Zhou Ji, Member of the Hubei Provincial Party Committee and Chairman of the Municipal Party Committee of Yichang, and Li Ruge, SGCC's Chief Accountant and executive board member and Chairman of SGCC Welfare Foundation, attended the ceremony.

Li Ruge pointed out that SGCC has always regarded poverty reduction through power development as a major political task. It is included in corporate development strategies as a concrete action to promote the ¡°Four Consciousnesses¡± and fulfill the responsibility of state-owned enterprises to be a driving force in the ¡°six aspects¡±. Following the central government¡¯s poverty alleviation plan, in 1995, SGCC committed itself to poverty alleviation in Badong, Changyang, Zigui, and Shennongjia in Hubei Province and Maduo in Qinghai. By the end of 2016, SGCC had invested 194 million RMB in these five towns. As of now, it has implemented 421 poverty alleviation projects, with fruitful results. 

During the 13th Five-Year Plan Period, to implement the Poverty Alleviation Plan for the 13th Five Year Plan Period issued by the State Council, SGCC decided to initiate the ¡°Sunshine Poverty Alleviation Campaign¡±, which includes 28,000 village-level PV grid integration projects, the ¡°Power Access to Every Village¡± project, and targeted PV poverty alleviation projects in the five towns in Hubei and Qinghai.

In 2016, SGCC built 7 centralized PV power stations for poverty alleviation in the five towns in Hubei and Qinghai, generating an annual profit of 7 million RMB, which will be used to directly help 5,000 people escape from poverty. In 2017, SGCC took the initiative to spend 437 million RMB to construct a 200kV PV power station in each of the 236 villages officially designated as poverty-stricken in three towns and one district in Hubei. After they are put into operation, the power stations will be donated to the villages, helping nearly 30,000 households and 100,000 people living in poverty.

The construction started in March of this year, and the project was put into operation in mid-June. By the end of August, the 236 PV power stations had generated 14.62 GWh of power for a profit of 13.89 million RMB. It is estimated that, each year, each power station will generate 190,000 RMB in profit to be used for poverty reduction efforts. In addition, SGCC has established a three-level operation, maintenance and service system, integrating the village community, the company¡¯s operation and maintenance departments, and the general contractor. In this way, SGCC was able to connect the power stations to its distributed PV cloud network and realize a remote monitoring of  them through the ¡°Guang e Bao¡± mobile app. These efforts help to ensure that the power stations will be able to generate a steady profit for more than 25 years and that this targeted poverty alleviation program will benefit every person, every household and every village.

Zhou Ji pointed out that, in recent years, SGCC has attached great importance to poverty alleviation and increased its investment in rural grid retrofitting in Hubei. In addition, it has implemented the innovative ¡°SGCC Sunshine Poverty Alleviation Campaign¡± and donated village-level PV power stations for poverty alleviation to the three towns and one district in Hubei, establishing a new model for poverty alleviation. The people of Hubei are deeply impressed by SGCC's sense of responsibility and commitment to poverty alleviation. After the completion of the assets transfer, governments and departments at all levels are expected to streamline administrative mechanisms and work out a reasonable profit distribution system to promote economic growth, improve power station maintenance and management, and ensure reliable operation. In this way, the ¡°Sunshine Poverty Alleviation¡± project will achieve success in the battle against poverty. 

To win this fight, SGCC has planned to invest 635.4 billion RMB during the 13th Five-Year Plan Period, to comprehensively improve the quality of rural grids, so that they can better support and serve the power supply needs of local people. SGCC also plans to spend 147.9 billion RMB to achieve universal power service in western and poverty-stricken areas, to help more people rise out of poverty and live in prosperity.

Source: SGCC Hubei Electric Power Company, State Grid News

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