SGCC Accomplished the New Round of Rural Grid Renovation for a Period of Two Years Ahead of Time

The goal of ¡°giving every well access to electricity¡± in plain areas was achieved with 1.535 million wells powered.

The Rural Grid Renovation was expanded to 66,000 small towns (central villages)

The goal of giving power to every village was realized, with power construction and renovation projects for 78,000 villages finished.

On 27th September, it is learned from SGCC¡¯s Q3 Press Conference that, after one and half a year of hard work, SGCC accomplished the new round of rural grid renovation on 25th September, three months ahead of the schedule, despite of the challenges of time limit, heavy workload and construction difficulties. The achievement would be impossible without the company¡¯s painstaking planning, organization and management.

On the press conference, the spokesperson of SGCC reported the company¡¯s performances in carrying out the decisions and plans of the Central Party Committee and the State Council, undertaking the responsibilities of central enterprises, promoting the development of rural grid renovation and securing power supply. SGCC has invested a total of 142.36 billion yuan, achieving the goal of ¡°giving every well access to electricity¡± in plain areas (1.535 million wells). SGCC has also expanded rural grid renovation o 66,000 small towns (central villages) and finished power construction and renovation projects for 78,000 villages, benefiting 156 million people. Through these projects, SGCC significantly improved its capabilities of power supply and services in related rural areas. The capacity of power distribution per household in renovated villages and towns has been lifted to 2.64kVA and the capability of power supply elevated by 65%. Today, the reliability rate and voltage qualification rate of rural grids has reached up to 99.808% and 99.677% respectively.

SGCC has always been committed to serving the development of the Party and the country, carefully carrying out its political, economic and social responsibilities, and vigorously implementing the rural power development strategy of ¡°new village, new power, new services¡±. It constantly enhances investment in rural grid renovation. From 1998 when the first round of rural grid renovation was launched to 2015, SGCC has spent 1.15 trillion yuan in rural grid sat or below 110kV and lit up 7.496 million people. By the end of the ¡°12th Five-Year Plan Period¡±, SGCC had realized ¡°power for all¡± within its service areas, significantly improved quality of power supply in rural areas and optimized the grids in ethnic minority inhibited areas and remote areas. With such efforts, rural areas have seen improved level of electrification.

Since the start of the ¡°13th Five-Year Plan Period¡±, SGCC has doubled its efforts to serve the Party and the country in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. To implement the decisions and plans of the Central Party Committee and the State Council on implementing the new round of rural grid renovation during the ¡°13th Five-Year Plan Period¡±, SGCC launched the first batch of projects on 29th April, 2016. Rural grid renovation is a public-benefiting project and an important approach to the supply-side reform, stimulating rural economic and social development, expanding productive investment, promoting the steady economic growth and building a moderately prosperous society in all respects that calls for corporate social responsibilities.

According to the plan of the State Council, the new round of rural grid renovation, to be carried out by SGCC with an investment of 522.2 billion yuan, will be completed in 5 years. Major tasks include giving power access to every well, small town (central village) power grid renovation and upgrade, giving power access to every village, poverty alleviation through the development of PV power, equal power supply services for rural grids in Western China and poverty-stricken areas, rural and urban grid integration in Western and Central China and rural grid construction in Tibet, Xinjiang and Tibetan inhibited villages in Sichuan, Gansu and Qinghai. Among these tasks, the first three are national key projects for the first two years that were kicked off in 2016 and would be completed by the end of 2017.

The press conference also released information on SGCC¡¯s efforts in shore-to-ship power and electricity replacement. In recent years, SGCC has been vigorously promoting clean heating, the replacement of electricity for coal and shore-to-ship power in such fields as residential heating, industrial and agricultural manufacturing, transportation, power supply and consumption and household electrification, and presented a series of demonstration projects. By the end of August, 2017, SGCC has implemented more than 90,000 electricity replacement projects and replaced 320TWh of power, resulting in remarkable changes in industrial and social power consumption and reporting favorable social and economic benefits. According to the press conference, by the end of 2018, the public service areas along the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal will be exclusively powered by green energy.

Department of Safety Supervision introduced SGCC¡¯s efforts in ensuring power safety. To secure the 19th CPC National Congress to be held on 18th October in Beijing, SGCC has formulated a detailed plan for power safety and security during the Congress. The company will further raise its political awareness, safeguard top-level power supply and eliminate any accidents.

17 media including People¡¯s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, CCTV, CNR and Economic Daily, attended the press conference. The spokesperson and representatives of Department of Operation & Maintenance, Department of Marketing, Department of Safety Supervision and Restructuring Office, attended the press conference and answered questions from the journalists.

Source: Department of Safety Supervision, Department of Operation & Maintenance, Department of Marketing, Restructuring Office, Department of Public Relations, State Grid News

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