Juggar East-Anhui South UHV Project Successfully Stretches over the Yangtze River

Juggar East-Anhui South UHV Project overhead lines across the Yangtze River

On April 15, on the North Bank of the Yangtze River in Gaogou County in Wuwei, Anhui Province, rows of wires were released to the traction field on the South Bank of the Yangtze under the effect of the tension control system. With the last one-phase wire successfully laid out, the construction of the ¡À1100 kV Juggar East-Anhui South UHV Project overhead lines across the Yangtze came to completion.

The ¡À1100 kV Juggar East-Anhui South UHV Project is a first-class world UHV power transmission project with the highest voltage level, largest transmission capacity, longest transmission distance, and most advanced technology worldwide. It is an important move made by State Grid to implement the spirit of the Central Conference on the Development of Xinjiang and serve the development of the ¡°Belt and Road¡± Initiative. Spanning across six provinces (autonomous regions) including Xinjiang, Gansu, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Henan, and Anhui, the project has a total investment of RMB 40.7 billion and a total line length of 3324 km.

Anhui Power Transmission/Converting Engineering Co., Ltd.workers were installing the auxiliaries of the UHV crossover tower wire 210 m from the ground

¡°This is the first time that ¡À1100 kV power transmission lines have crossed over the Yangtze . The main crossover tower is 225.2 m in height and weighs 1259 t and each line is a length of 2900 m, setting three new records for the whole project¡±, said Wang Yiwen, Project Manager of the Yangtze River Crossover Project. As a crucial part of the whole project, workers need to overcome a lot of challenges. For example, the faradic electricity is too strong (the project is near the 1000 kV HV Huainan-Shanghai transmission lines and 500 kV Yichang-Huaxin transmission line), the duration of navigation closure is too long in the golden passage of the Yangtze River, large cross-section wire has greater tension while being released, and there is a lot of active turbulence. Therefore, the size and difficulty of this construction project is greater than that of normal UHV projects. The completion of the Yangtze River Crossover Project as scheduled is of milestone significance to the completion and realization of the whole project.

The Yangtze River Crossover Project began to install the first tower in January 2017 and completed the assembly and installation of the pole tower in February 2018. To finish the release of the wires in an efficient way, the construction department innovatively implemented the visual management system and line-cruising robot to monitor and control the whole process, as well as cooperated with scientific research institutes to overcome difficulties and improve techniques. Large cross-section wires were used for the first time in power transmission line crossover projects, generating high comprehensive economic value.

As an important power transmission channel, this project will support China¡¯s efforts to achieve the transmission of coal and new energy generated power in West China to load centers in Central and East China. The project has raised the voltage level of DC power transmission from ¡À800 kV to ¡À1100 kV and increased the transmission distance to more than 3000 km, which is of great significance to promoting the development of large energy bases in Xinjiang and relieving the pressure of energy supply and demand in East China.

Source: State Grid Department of DC Transmission, State Grid Anhui Electric Power Company, State Grid News

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