Zhangbei Renewable Energy VSC DC Power Grid Experimental Demonstration Project Commences Construction
On February 28, 2018, The Commencement Ceremony of Zhangbei Renewable Energy VSC DC Power Grid Experimental Demonstration Project was held in Beijing. It is the first DC grid project that creates an electricity network of its type in the entire world. As a VSC DC project, it has the world¡¯s highest voltage level and largest transmission capacity. Once having been constructed, the project will set 12 world records, and become a milestone in the history of grid technology development in China and around the world. Dr. Shu Yinbiao, Chairman of State Grid, attended the ceremony and announced the commencement of the construction. Liu Baohua, vice Chairman of the National Energy Administration, Sui Zhenjiang, vice mayor of Beijing, and Yuan Tongli, vice governor of Hebei Province, attended the meeting and presented speeches. Yang Jinbai, Executive Vice President of State Grid, was also in attendance. The ceremony was chaired by Liu Zehong, Executive Vice President of State Grid.

President Xi Jinping attaches great importance to the development of energy and power. He proposed the ¡°Four Revolutions and One Cooperation¡± energy strategy and the building of Global Energy Interconnection (GEI), pointing out that ¡°the development of energy technology will provide major channels to solve energy problems¡±, clarifying the direction to addressing challenges in a scientific manner and solving developmental bottlenecks. State Grid made concrete efforts to implement the important thoughts and requirements of President Xi Jinping, highlighting the supportive and leading role of technology and accelerating the construction of a strong smart grid with UHV as the backbone grid, pooling resources from all sides to foster a new-generation power system for building GEI.

VSC DC is highly controllable and flexible in operation. It has several obvious advantages in areas such as the renewable energy grid connection, weak system connectivity and urban power supply. DC power grids based on VSC DC technologies are highly flexible and reliable. They can directly connect wind power, PV power, and pumped storage power with load centers, forming an energy interconnection with the flexible complementation of different forms of energy to realize power supply from multiple sources, power transmission to multiple destinations, and the connection of renewable energy islands, which could effectively address the problem of renewable energy being intermittent and volatile. Through making full use of its capability in the online isolation of partial faults and deploying multiple routers, VSC DC projects can quickly identify and isolate faults and significantly improve the reliability of power supply. The Zhangbei VSC project is a major move of State Grid in implementing the decision of the Central Government to serve the clean and low-carbon development of energy. With a calculated voltage of ¡À500 kV, the project requires the construction of 666 km of ¡À500 kV DC transmission lines and four new converting stations in Zhangbei, Kangbao, Fengning, and Beijing with a total converting capacity of 9 GW. With a total investment of RMB 12.5 billion, the project was approved by the Central Government in December 2017, and is expected to be constructed and put into operation as early as the end of 2019, or no later than the first half of 2020. The project has been included in the National ¡°13th Five-Year¡± Plan for Power (2016-2020) and the Energy Technology Revolutionary Innovative Action Plan (2016-2030) and been recommended as a Made in China 2025 major milestone project for 2018.

Liu Baohua expressed his congratulations on the commencement of the construction on behalf of the National Energy Administration. He said that green development is an important component of Xi Jinping¡¯s thoughts on Socialism with Chinese characteristics in a new era. The Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to green development and regard the development of clean energy as an important direction of implementing the supply-side structural reform in energy. Building a renewable energy demonstration zone in Zhangjiakou is a major decision made by the Party Central Committee and the State Council. The Zhangbei Project showed good momentum in the early stages of development and it is hoped that all sides will uphold the central government's principles, carry out their commitments, and adopt a holistic view to make innovations and address bottlenecks to build the project into a new benchmark in the construction of modern power projects, making a greater contribution to green and innovative development.

ChairmanShu Yinbiao said that building the Zhangbei VSC DC project is of great significance. It is a demonstration project serving the development of energy that will help to unleash the potential of both VSC DC power grids and power storage facilities to explore for a new model for the massive development and utilization of renewable energy and promote the innovative development of the new-generation power system. It is also a green project for low-carbon Olympic Games. After being put into operation, the project will promote the new development of VSC DC power transmission technology with higher voltage levels and larger transmission capacities.

Sui Zhenjiang and Yuan Litong pointed out that the project, after being constructed and put into operation, could effectively improve the local environment. Therefore, its construction is in line with the common interests of all sides. This will create a favorable environment and conditions for the construction of the project, as well as safeguard the quality and efficient progress of the project.

The main venue of the meeting was the headquarters of State Grid. Panel discussions were held at State Grid Beijing Electric Power Company and State Grid Jibei Electric Power Company. Leaders and representatives of related national departments, Beijing Municipal and Hebei Provincial governments, and departments in charge of design, equipment, supervision and construction, as well as assistants, chief engineers, and people in charge of related departments at State Grid's headquarters and affiliated companies, were all in attendance of the meeting. Staff of Zhangbei Converting Station and Beijing Converting Station watched the meeting precede from the construction sites.

Source: State Grid Department of DC Transmission, State Grid News

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