People's Daily: China Inaugurated "Green Power for 7 Days" in Qinghai-Tibet Plateau
It is reported that SGCC will supply electricity throughout Qinghai Province with solar power, wind power and hydropower for 7 days (168 hours) from 0:00 17th June to 24:00 23rd June. Mr. Quan Shengming, President of State Grid Qinghai Electric Power Company said, ¡°This is the first time for China to do so, and it is of great significance to promote energy transition, sustainable development and effective use of clean energy in the country¡±.

According to the load forecast of State Grid Qinghai Electric Power Dispatching and Control Center, Qinghai will have a daily power consumption of 175 GWh, with an average daily load of 7.2 GW and a peak load of 7.5 GW, from 17th to 23rd June. SGCC plans to satisfy the total power demand of Qinghai during this period solely with solar power, wind power and hydropower, with hydropower accounting for 78.3% and renewable energy 21.7%.

With abundant hydropower and solar power resources, Qinghai is a major regional energy base in China. Since the "12th Five Year-Plan" period, PV power generation in Qinghai grew steadily at 1 GW on an annual basis with an average growth rate of 58%.

By the end of May, the installed capacity of Qinghai grid reached 23.45 GW. According to Han Di, EVP of Qinghai Electric Power Company, "hydropower and PV power have become the top two largest power sources of Qinghai grid, which makes it possible for SGCC to supply power to the whole province solely with clean energy. Realizing power supply with clean energy sources and zero-emission helps to promote energy conservation, emission reduction and ecological environment protection in Qinghai, which is also in line with the theme of "open cooperation and green development" of the 18th Qinghai China Investment & Trade Fair for Green Development." It is learned that Portugal has realized a pure clean power supply for 107 hours in succession. However, Qinghai this time will be for a longer time, with a higher percentage of PV power and greater difficulty in delivery.

To ensure the grid safety and stability in the period, SGCC coordinated with all sides to make sound preparations for the attempt. During the time period, Qinghai will solely use hydropower and new energy to meet the power demand of the whole province, with insufficient part supplemented by the new energy power purchased from Northwest China, ensuring that the power generation from renewable energy sources remains at no less than 20%. Power generation from thermal energy will be exported to other provinces through market trading, which confirmed the advantage of large grid in optimizing the allocation of power resources.

Qinghai provincial government plans to build a green energy demonstration province with priorities given to the construction of two 10-GW renewable energy bases in West and South Qinghai. According to the plan, the installed capacity of renewable energy in Qinghai will reach 61 GW in 2025. After being completed, the project will be able to transmit 110 TWh of clean power per year to Central and East China, replacing nearly 50 million tons of crude coal. It is of great importance to optimizing the energy structure in Central and East China, securing power supply and promoting the prevention and control of air pollution and smog treatment.

Source: People's Daily

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