High-purity Crystalline Silicon is to be "Made in China"
A project with a productivity of 50,000-ton high-purity crystalline silicon and supporting new energy generation[c1]  was just launched in Leshan, Sichuan Province. With an estimated investment of RMB 8 billion, the project will have an annual productive value of nearly RMB 9 billion after the completion in 2018. By then, the production cost of high-purity crystalline silicon in China is expected to drop below RMB 40,000 per ton. The quality of the product will meet the standard of N-type mono crystalline silicon, even polycrystalline silicon for electronic use.

As an important raw material for solar and PV power industry, polycrystalline silicon in China relies mainly on import for a long time. In recent years, the polycrystalline silicon industry in China has been committed to increasing the percentage of "made-in-China" and reducing the reliance on import. According to Wang Bohua, General-Secretary of China Photovoltaic Industry Association (CPIA), currently, solar power class silicon manufacturers has an annual demand for polycrystalline silicon of about 450,000 tons while the domestic demand for crystalline silicon products is hard to meet. After being put into operation, the project will help the realization of "made-in-China" high-purity crystalline silicon and gradually reverse the situation of the reliance on export.

Source: www.people.com.cn


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