The Fourth Shaanxi-Beijing Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline Completed
It is learned from Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform that the construction of the Fourth Shaanxi-Beijing Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline, another artery for natural gas supply to Beijing, was completed recently. With the help of the new pipeline, the natural gas transmission capacity of Beijing will be increased by 7000 to 8000 m3 on a daily basis.

It is introduced that Beijing is the largest city in China and the second largest city in the world in terms of natural gas consumption. Currently, Beijing mainly depends on Shaanxi-Beijing gas transmission and distribution network operated by CNPC for natural gas supply, which is composed of the first, second and third phase of Shaanxi-Beijing Natural Gas Pipeline, the coal gasification system of China Datang Corporation and the underground gas storage system, forming a multi-source and multi-direction gas supply network. Beijing has a large rigid demand for natural gas that is hard to meet with existing facilities during peak hours. Therefore, new natural gas supply pipelines are in urgent need.

The construction of the Fourth Shaanxi-Beijing Natural Gas Pipeline could fulfill the increasing demand for natural gas in the capital and effectively ensure natural gas supply for heating during winter, which is of great significance to optimizing energy mix, realizing air pollution control targets and relieving the pressure of Beijing in ensuring the supply of natural gas for heating during winter.

15 districts in Beijing have already been covered by the municipal natural gas pipeline system. However, due to geographical constraints, Yanqing District still uses compressed natural gas and LNG with limited supply, which largely restricted the application and development of natural gas in the local area. The new pipeline can guarantee natural gas supply for Yanqing and help to reach the target of natural gas pipeline to every district.

It is learned that the construction of the Fourth Shaanxi-Beijing Pipeline started in July, 2016. The pipeline starts at Jingbian, Shaanxi and goes all the way through Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia and Hebei to Liying, Beijing with a total length of 1098 km and an investment of 14.5 billion RMB.

Source: Economic Information Daily
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