Installed Capacity of Clean Energy or to Surpass Coal-fired Power in the Next Decade in China
On 9th December, Liu Baohua, deputy head of NEA, pointed that that we will gradually reduce the share of fossil fuels in energy mix so that the installed capacity of clean energy will surpass that of coal-fired power in the next decade. 

On 2017 China Summit Forum on Charging and Battery Change Service and Innovation for Electric Vehicles held on 9th December, Liu Baohua said that in recent years, clean energy witnessed rapid development at home and abroad, with 2/3 of the newly-added installed capacity being from clean energy. Currently, the installed capacity of clean energy has reached 660 GW, while that of coal-fired power and natural gas-fired power are 900 GW and 70 GW respectively.

¡°In the near future, clean energy will become the main source of energy for power generation.¡± Said Liu Baohua. China plans to control the installed capacity of coal-fired power at 1 TW by 2020 and raise the share of power generated from non-fossil energies to half of the total by 2030.

Clean energy is composed of nuclear power and renewable energy. According to the National Bureau of Statistics, China witnessed an increase in the use of renewable energy with continued growth of installed capacity. In the first three quarters of this year, the installed capacity of clean energy of all kinds increased by 63 GW, accounting for 67% of the total with the average rate of abandoning wind power and PV power being reduced by 6.7 percentage point and 3.8 percentage point respectively.


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