People's Daily: The World's Largest "Virtual Power Plant" Built in Jiangsu

On 24th May, the world's first "massive-scale source-grid-load friendly interaction system" was put into operation in Jiangsu. This means that China now has the world's largest virtual power plant in terms of scale and capacity.

With the help of the organic integration of "Internet +" and smart grid technologies, power consumers can be turned into ¡°virtual power plants¡± to participate in the protection of large power networks whenever emergent power source or grid incidents happen. In the afternoon of 24th May, ¡À800kV Jin-Su UHV DC system was closed intentionally according to an emergence drill plan developed by the State Grid East China Branch , causing an instant shortage of 3GW power. But thanks to the coordinated dispatching and control of the "massive scale source-grid-load friendly interaction system", the gap in power load was timely bridged.

Source£º People's Daily (10th Edition, 26th May, 2017)

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